Martial Law: Obtaining all achievements

Here you will learn how to complete all achievements quickly and clearly. !!!


Here you will learn how to complete all the achievements quickly and easily in Russian.!!!

At the beginning of the game, right after control
Raise your character, go right and enter the bathroom.
Now flush the toilet, and the achievement will appear.

it w. ad aa nice debate
Immediately after leaving the apartment, you should find a drunk boy sitting on a bench., talk to him and choose the following dialogue options:
“Sure, i need to relax”
“Sure,. Let's do oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
You should now receive * hick * final, and the achievement must appear.

Don't drink with the bank boy (select a dialogue option: "You know, that I don't do this anymore …»).
Keep walking right, until you find an old guy Talk to him using a dialogue message.
Select the option "Take a card * the fight *".
Now get ready for battle or use “VASD” or Arrow keys to move, and you blow with whom “Left mouse button” O “F”.
You must not be amazed for it or the achievement will not appear., if you get hit, let him knock out and try again.
Just run to the left, then quickly turn right, hit the guy, and then run left again, keep doing it, until you knock it out, and if you do it right, you must get the achievement "VERRYYY STROONG".
PS: This is the "hardest" achievement on this list., so you can leave it for last, if you have too many problems with that, to avoid f.rust unnecessary ration.

For freedom
Come out of the apartment, go straight, don't drink with the bank guy, steal the map and knock out the old man, never mind, whether they hit you or not this time, if you survive the fight.
Now run right (policemen are chasing you), until you see * HERE *! next to the door enter this building.
You will find the green guy, who bets, you must I accept the choice of the dialogue option "Please, that would be appropriate. ".
When you have the second dialogue option, choose “Okay, I can help”.
You will get control From the stranger's car, drive right up to the factory.
Now go to the factory, select the dialogue option "I work in a factory opposite and want to join you".
Walk up to the protesters and talk to them, select the dialogue option "And you let the ruling party do it?».
Keep playing, and you will get this achievement too, and achievement. «For freedom».

Those were the days, my comrades
Click on “Overview” after that, how the achievement was completed by the shortcut
if not, you will have to redo everything that was done in the last section talk to the protesters.
This time, choose a different dialogue option "Maybe, it's not such a bad idea. It will not change anything "
Now select "In my opinion, it makes a lot of sense ".
The stranger will thank you and take you home, will enter the building and continue playing, until you get the achievement. “Those were the days, my comrades "Well, finally.

– Leave the apartment => Don't drink => Talk to the old man => Tell him, what is it for your daughter and what would you like to be able to do more for her => Agree to help her mother => Help mother => Help the lady faint => keep playing until the end and have fun!

To do this, you will have to redo something, what we did in the section "For freedom" Until you first meet a boy in green:
=> Get out => Don't drink => Knock out the old man => Run to the right, until you see “HERE!"Text on the door => Enter the building => Talk to the boy in green
Now choose another dialogue option: "Sorry, I'm in a hurry. ".
You should now get both achievements “Okuh”, great job!

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