Armlet = Thousand Blades: How to unlock the new secret LEDA character [How to unlock the new secret LEDA character]

For those who look for everything in scrap Everything about the kolobok Requirements.


1. Path to the file to be changed.

[object Window]

2. Open the main.bundle file

We open through WorldPad or any other program [You can also use Notepad]

3. We are looking for the right indicator

Push [Ctrl + F] write in an open line Lucky

Are looking for Chance to get lucky goes up by 10% per rank (max +30%)

4. Change the value to the desired multiplier

Looking a little lower luck’:0.1

We change to the multiplier we need
We save

5. We go into the game

When choosing a character, luck will be shown

5.5. Luck Bonuses

Now it will always drop from the chest 5 items.

When leveling up, there will always be +1 slot for skill/passive skills.

And something else )

From Rampir

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