Armlet = Thousand Blades: Unlock all secret characters (updates 0.9.0)

The guide will talk about, how to open every secret character in the game at the time of the update 0.9.0.



At the moment, the guide is relevant for the version 0.9.0. Can, i will update it, When will new characters be released?, maybe, and no. Time will tell.

Since some want to explore the game themselves, in places, where the conversation turns to the main part of the game, i added spoilers and apps section at the end, so that the guide to secret characters does not turn into a guide to 100% passing. You can say, if it interferes, can, something will think.

The guide uses materials from English speakers[].

Exdash Exiviiq

Character Features: +100% to luck. Every 10 more levels +10% good luck to 50 level (total more +50% to luck).

For, to unlock it, you need to quickly type on the keyboard x-x1viiq, being in the main menu of the game. As with the opening of any secret character, after that you should hear a small melody. Then the character should appear in the list.

The free one, it does not need to be additionally opened for coins.

If you have a French AZERTY keyboard layout, instead x-x1viiq need to dial x)x&viia.

If you type correctly, but the character does not open, try switching to the English layout or enabling the on-screen keyboard.

Moreover, character can auto open with a chance of TotalCollected/65535 each time, when you pick up a small clover, dropped from light sources in races. TotalCollected – number of collected clovers.


Character Features: 1 health, +100% good luck, every 10 levels, luck increases by 20% to 50 level (total more +100%), on 100 level receives +9998 health, on 200 level receives +65520 armor.

Can only be opened if, that Exdash is already unlocked.

For, to unlock this character, you need to kill one of the following enemies:

  • Stalker (green)
  • Drowner (blue, always appears at the bottom of the location)
  • Trickster (pink)

They need kill, after that there will be a corresponding sound (not like opening a character, sound can be heard here) and Toastie will appear in the lower right corner of the screen for about half a second (cm. picture). During this time, you need to have time to press (it's better to spam) down arrow ↓ and Enter. For those, who plays via WASD, S not working, and you have to press the arrow. On gamepads it should be down and start button, but I just heard it in some video, so I can't be 100% confident.

If you succeed, you will hear the character unlock sound. The free one.

The easiest way to kill these enemies – pentagram or evolution of the pentagram, Gorgeous Moon, however, the pentagram does not always kill: if after the death of enemies they do not leave behind experience gems (and in general the whole experience around disappears), it doesn't count as murder. They can be killed with any other weapon., however they have a lot of health, especially outside the Capella Magna location, so I wouldn't recommend.

Another good way – rosary (cross, falling from light sources, which in the same way kills all enemies) or carts at the Dairy Plant location.

All three spawn at Capella Magna. (Drowner – 5:10, Stalker – 10:10, Trickster – 15:10), where they have the least health, and they can be killed even without using an instant kill weapon. However, this only happens as a scripted event and only until then., until you reach the very end of this location and kill the main boss there.

Drowner and Stalker also appear in The Bone Zone, Stalker – at 10 minutes, Drowner – on the 20th, but they both leave after one minute.

Drowner one appears in Gallo Tower on 25 and i hope it helps you, when the boss crab comes, but if the crab is killed, disappear and Drowner.

Stalker might come on 1 minute with a chance 1%, on 8 minute with a chance 30% and on 12 minute with a chance 30% в Dairy Plant, but that chance is decreasing, the more luck you have.

Smith IV

Character Features: 7 health, +100% good luck. +0.01 health recovery (recovery), +0.7% strength (might), +0.7% attack areas (area), +0.7% attack speed (speed), +0.7% attack duration (duration), +1% good luck and -0.25% cooldown each level. Vandalier, Evolution Peachone and Ebony Wings, from the start.

Exdash and Toastie must be open. To unlock it, you need to type in the main menu spam – this will activate the hidden 30 second timer. Then go to character selection, type the same, choose any hero, in the selection of a card, also dial spam, choose any card and dial there already humbug. As always, you should hear the character unlock sound. Its initial cost 7777 coins.

If it doesn't work for you, yet again, try switching to English or using the on-screen keyboard. If you have open arcana, try to enter before choosing the lasso too spam, and after that humbug – i opened it like this, and it worked for me.

Boon Marrabbio

Features of the: -80% to receive gold (greed), +10% to damnation, -110% to attack speed (speed). Thousand Edge, knife evolution, from the start

For, to open it, necessary, so that you have collected in the game more 100 cock, improving your health, from light sources. The last chicken can be picked up in the current run.

Further, if you still don't have Yellow Sign, you need to open it. In the application 1 in the application section it says, how to unlock it.

After that, you need to go to Mad Forest and pick up Pummarola and Skull O'Maniac items, lying on the map (about that, how to open the map – cm. application 3), or choose them yourself when leveling up (help the Mad Groove arcana (arcana unlock – cm. application 4 in the applications section)). The guides say, that they need to be pumped completely, but i didn't do it. If you did everything right, pies will appear, restoring your health. They will create a road, through which to pass, and then you come to the boss, defeating which unlocks Marrabbio. It costs 666 coins, if you have not bought other characters before.

One youtube guide says, that you can just wait, until the boss shows up, and don't go for pies. I can't vouch.

Minnah Mannarah

Features of the: -70% strength (might). +10% forces every 3 level up to 24 level (total +80% strength). Characteristics change every minute. Starts with Bloody Tear, whip evolution.

Yellow Sign must already be open to unlock this character. Cm. application 1 for information about, how to open.

With an open Yellow Sign, cheese will appear at the Dairy Plant location (cm. picture). They say, that it is located on the top right of the starting location, but not to look, better use the Mad Groove arcana (cm. application 4 about that, how to open).

After you pick up the cheese, will appear 7 big werewolves (cm. picture), who need to be killed. This will unlock a secret character, which is worth 666 coins excluding other purchased characters.


Features of the: -80% to receive gold (greed), +5 armor, +100% to strength. Starts with Holy Wand, evolution of Magic Wand

To unlock this character, Need to go a very long time down at the Gallo Tower location. Over time, the screen will darken.. When the screen goes completely dark, the music will disappear. Still gotta go down, and soon the boss will appear, which looks exactly the same, like the character. It moves very slowly and does not teleport to the character, so I recommend periodically stopping and checking, did he fall asleep.

After defeating the boss, you will hear the character unlock sound, as always. Leda will cost 666 coins, excluding other purchased characters.

The easiest way to open it for another secret character – Red Death, because he has


Features of the: +100% to attract all pickups around (magnet), -100% to the speed of movement (movespeed), thus, this character cannot move. Starts with Soul Eater, the evolution of Garlic.

To unlock this secret character, first you need to open the character O'Sole Meeo (not secret). Cm. application 5 for information about, how to open it.

For O'Sole in the Il Molise location, you need to cure the plants for 100 000 health. Celestial Dusting, O'Sole starter weapon, does not attack, and heals them. To be seen, that you really treat them, you can turn on the damage numbers in the settings. You can take the Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana (cm. application 6 for information about arcana). If you have Mindbender (application 10), it will be easier for you not to pick up weapons.

After you heal the plants, you will hear the corresponding sound of opening the character. Peppino stands 666 coins – the cost depends on other already purchased characters.

Gains Boros

Features of the: each level gets +2% to a level (growth), no limits. Starts with Heaven Sword, Cross evolution.

To open it, you need to select the map The Bone Zone and go up for a long time. You should see the ring, which heals the character. You need to stay in it for about 10 seconds, then you will hear the character opening sound. Gains worth 666 coins excluding other open characters.

The ring should be directly above the spawn point.

Red Death (Mask of the Red Death)

Features of the: +100% to movement speed (movespeed), +155 health, +20% strength (might). Starts with Death Spiral, the evolution of the ax.

To open it, it is necessary to live maximum at the location (for most locations 30 minutes, but, as far as I know, in bonus locations 15) and kill death, which comes, to kill you.

The easiest way – open Yellow Sign (cm. application 1), go to any location (for me personally, Mad Forest was the easiest), choose lasso Mad Groove (cm. application 4) – never mind, you choose it first, second or third. the main thing, so that you do not have to go for all the items yourself. Choose weapons Clock Lancet and Laurel, then pick up new items from the map (both rings and both arrows), and pump and arrows, and rings to the max, as well as Clock Lancet with Laurel. After that, you should get the evolution of these items. You should now be virtually immune to Death.. character standing 666 coins without taking into account the purchase of other characters.

I do not recommend taking curses, since they will only increase the health of Death and opponents. The rope, who can help you, aside from Mad Groove, – Out of Bounds (cm. application 7) и Awake (cm. application 8).

You can also use another secret character – toast, if you manage not to die and upgrade it to the desired level.


Features of the: 300 health, +2 resurrection, +30% strength (might). +1% curses every level without limit. Can find evolutions in every chest.

This character is not classified, but the method of opening it is actually quite secret, and he is not listed anywhere in the achievements, so let it be here.

To open it, you need to survive in the Boss Rash location 15 minutes with one weapon (You can take as many items as you like.). To open Boss Rash, need to .

The easiest way to do this – take some strong character, preferably secret with evolution. First time I tried with Red Death and Minnah, but it didn't work out. Leda has a good strength bonus, so you can try it. With him I opened this character.

A good choice would be to take the Silent Old Sanctuary arcana (cm. application 6) from the start. And when you have already upgraded all items to the maximum, you can take the Game Killer arcana (cm. application 9) for more damage. Also, if you already have Mindbender open (cm. application 10). it will be even easier for you not to pick up weapons.

character standing 5000 coins, if you have not bought other characters before.


Features of the: all characteristics are changed to random after re-entering the character selection menu, the starting weapon also constantly changes randomly from Death Spiral to ax and back again.

Previously, it could be opened, if you kill death. Now this character is considered deleted and cannot be opened in the normal way., you have to edit the game files. However, if you do this, then, as the developer says, you will no longer be able to contact the technical support of the game in case of something.

I have tried, nothing worked for me (did in 0.9.0). Some people say, Disable Steam Cloud Sync (can be found, if you right click on the game in the library and go to properties, after opening the character, you can turn it back on) or go offline on steam. You can try both ways and write, did it work for you. Close the game before editing files.

There is also an automatic way at the bottom, if you have Windows 10 or 11.


1. Find in explorer:

  • Windows: %appdata% (you can just type in the search bar)
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Linux: ~/home/$user/.local/share/Vampire_Survivors/saves

2. Find a folder Armlet = Thousand Blades, inside folder saves.
3. Make a backup of the file SaveData.sav (do not confuse with the file SaveDataBackup.bak.sav).
4. Open file SaveData.sav in a text editor.
5. Find (ctrl + f) BoughtCharacters in file. After that you should see a list of characters, by type: [“IMELDA”,”PASQUALINA”,…] (you may look different).
6. Add “UNTIL” In the end: [“IMELDA”,”PASQUALINA”,…,”UNTIL”].
7. Find UnlockedCharacters. After it, there should be exactly the same list of characters: [“CIRO”,”PORTA”,…] (order may vary)
8. Add “UNTIL” In the end: [“CIRO”,”PORTA”,…,”UNTIL”]
9. Find “checksum” (should be at the end of the file). After that, you should see a lot of numbers and letters.: “checksum”:”<hexadecimal numbers>”
10. Select them and delete: “checksum”:””
11. Select the entire file by pressing ctrl+a and copy the selection
12. Go to website[] and in the input field paste that, what was copied (your file).
13. Click on the Hash button, copy the resulting result into the empty checksum field: “checksum”:”your result”
14. Save the file, start the game

missingN▯ should be available right after the game starts, no need to restore game files in settings.


If you have Windows 10 or 11 (using powershell).
1. Go to: %appdata%Vampire_Survivorssaves
2. Hold Shift and RMB on empty space. Please select “Open Powershell window here” or “Open on command line”, or something like that.
3. Copy this to the console that opens and run it by pressing Enter:

#Back up the .sav file, if there isn’t one
$TargetSaveFile = (get-item “.\SaveData.sav” -ErrorAction Stop).fullname
if (-not (get-item ($TargetSaveFile+”.backup”) -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {copy-item $TargetSaveFile ($TargetSaveFile+”.backup”)}
#Load the file as a JSON object
$json = Get-Content $TargetSaveFile | ConvertFrom-Json
#Add FINO to the unlocked and bought character arrays
if (“UNTIL” -notin $json.UnlockedCharacters) {$json.UnlockedCharacters+=”UNTIL”}
if (“UNTIL” -notin $json.BoughtCharacters) {$json.BoughtCharacters+=”UNTIL”}
#clear the checksum
$json.checksum = “”
#generate the SHA256 hash of save data
$Sha265 = [System.Security.Cryptography.SHA256]::Create()
$hashAsByte = $Sha265.ComputeHash([System.Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetBytes(($json | ConvertTo-Json -Compress)))
$hashAsString = ($hashAsByte | ForEach-Object {[System.Convert]::ToString($_,16).padLeft(2,’0′) } ) -join “”
#update the checksum value and write the new JSON data to the file
$json.checksum = $hashAsString
$json | ConvertTo-Json -Compress | Set-Content $TargetSaveFile

Changes should take place immediately after restarting the game (remind, that nothing happened to me).


application 1 (Yellow Sign)

Allows you to see hidden items in the location. He can be found in the Moongolow location., after killing the last boss. To open Moongolow, you need to open the hyper-mode for 4 kart.

application 2 (unlocking lasso and Randomazzo)

For, so you can start unlocking arcana, you need to pick up a special item in Gallo Tower, marked on the map (how to open the map – cm. application 3).

application 3 (Milky Way Map – map)

Located in the Dairy Plant location and marked with an arrow from the start. Allows you to open the map by pressing Esc and highlights items lying on the map.

application 4 (arcana Mad Groove)

Ability to open arcana – cm. application 2.

Opens, if after unlocking Randomazzo survive more 31 minutes in Mad Forest. Pulls all items from the map to the player – experience gems, chests, pickups, subjects, lying on location, and other.

Can be obtained very easily after unlocking Yellow Sign. Hidden items appear on the map, allowing Clock Lancet and Laurel to evolve into their much more powerful version, making it easy to survive more 31 minutes.

application 5 (character O'Sole Meeo)

In order to open it, you need to kill Dragon Shrimp in quantity 3000 (cm. picture). They are in the Gallo Tower location..

To keep track of the number of enemies already killed and in what locations they are located, you need to open the item Ars Gouda (cm. picture) at Dairy Plant (how to open the map – cm. application 3).

application 6 (arcana Silent Old Sanctuary)

Ability to open arcana – cm. application 2.

Arcana improves your stats for each weapon slot, left blank, and also gives +3 к Reroll, Skip и Banish. It can be opened, if you survive more 31 minutes at Dairy Plant.

Can be obtained very easily after unlocking Yellow Sign. Hidden items appear on the map, allowing Clock Lancet and Laurel to evolve into their much more powerful version, making it easy to survive more 31 minutes.

application 7 (Arcana Out of Bounds)

Ability to open arcana – cm. application 2.

This arcana makes it easier to find a pickup, freezing all enemies. Also, freezing enemies causes an explosion in the affected area..

Can be unlocked, if you survive more 31 minutes at Gallo Tower. Very easy to get after unlocking Yellow Sign. Hidden items appear on the map, allowing Clock Lancet and Laurel to evolve into their much more powerful version.

application 8 (arcana Awake)

Ability to open arcana – cm. application 2.

Gives +3 revival. Upon respawn, you gain 1.1x maximum health, +1 armor, +5% strength (might), +5% attack areas (area), +5% attack duration (duration) and +5% attack speed (speed).

can open, if receive 99 level on the character Krochi. To open it, need to .

application 9 (arcana Game Killer)

Ability to open arcana – cm. application 2.

The player can no longer gain experience with this arcana, and all chests turn into triple. When picking up experience gems, they now act as weapons and scatter in random directions, exploding.

To unlock this arcana, you need to go through the Cappela Magna location and defeat the final boss there.

application 10 (Mind bender)

Allows you to change the appearance of characters when they are selected and limit the number of maximum weapons before the game.

To open, need to unlock 100 items in the collection.

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