save 3 endings for achievements

In this guide, I will cover, how to get achievements for all endings, without going through the game several times. This is not a detailed walkthrough of the game., but just a little life hack with saves, about which not everyone knows.

If you made it to the end with multiple endings, then you can just backup your saves. Saves are located at:

If the backup fails, then you can download my saves from Yandex Disk[]

After getting one of the endings, exit to the main menu(no need to leave the game), delete saves and fill your(mine) backup.

star age

To get this ending, you need to complete Rennie's quest chain..

Briefly about that, how to get a:

  • Kill the boss at Raya Lukaria's academy – Queen Rennala Full Moon.
  • Complete Rennie's questline.
  • Kill the final boss.
  • Go to grace “Raskolota Marika”
  • Summon Rennie via the blue summon sign on the floor, to see the return of the stars.

Dragon-lich Fortisax defeated

To get this ending:

  • After defeating all the story bosses, we go to grace “Raskolota Marika”
  • Approach Marika and interact with her
  • Choose one of two options (in my case)
  • After choosing, watch the cinematic)

Dragon-lich Fortisax defeated

To get this ending you need:

  • Complete Hyetta's questline.
  • Defeat boss Mog omen
  • Meet the Three Fingers, you can find them on grace “Raging Flame Proscription”
  • We approach the gate and undress
  • After the meeting with the fingers, we go to grace “Raskolota Marika”
  • Interacting with Marika
  • Watching the cinematic)

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