World War 3: Armor guide

Here I have collected information about the armor in the game, small guide, but not meaningless!



Here are a couple of lines about armor, I write it just for, to collect a trilogy of guides on the basics of the game. The next guide will review: Artillery, Technicians and Reconnaissance Drones.

The game can be purchased both in the Mail Game Center, and in our beloved Steam:

Guide written for PTA, with the release of OBT information will be supplemented and changed.

Armor: Helmet

Kevlar helmet

  • Has a minimum level of protection.
  • Provides protection against pistol calibers.
  • It also has a minimum weight., great for those, who wants to run fast and capture points (Works great in conjunction with Kevlar armor plates).
  • Has only one piece of armor.

Titanium helmet

  • Has maximum head protection.
  • Protects against Pistol and SMG calibers.
  • Can withstand a headshot from a sniper rifle (If the enemy uses a short barrel at a distance).
  • It has the maximum weight among the variety of helmets.
  • Fits into 3 bundles:
    • 1. Maximum protection: Titanium helmet + Steel armor plates (suitable for gunners, Minimum movement speed).
    • 2. Medium defense: Titanium helmet + Ceramic armor plates (Suitable for most players, medium protection against assault rifles + normal movement speed).
    • 3. Grenade launcher class: Titanium helmet + Kevlar armor plates (Can run with RPG-7/ PPZR PIORUN, at a relatively fast pace).
  • It has 2 armor units.

Armor: Chest plates

Kevlar armor plates

  • Has minimal protection.
  • A light weight.
  • Protects mainly against pistol calibers.
  • Weak defense against submachine gun calibers.
  • Weak protection against rifle calibers (In general, it protects, but they take out armor very quickly).
  • Doesn't protect against sniper calibers at all.
  • Has a total 1 armor unit.
  • Works well with a Kevlar helmet.
  • Works well with the Titanium Helmet ( For grenade launchers).

Ceramic armor plates

  • Has medium defense.
  • Has an average weight.
  • Protects against Pistol and SMG calibers.
  • Protects against rifle calibers.
  • Does not protect against sniper calibers.
  • It has 3 armor units.
  • Works great with a titanium helmet.

Steel armor plates

  • Withstands all calibers except sniper.
  • Sniper calibers withstand relatively often.
  • It has 4 armor units.
  • Has a maximum weight.
  • Machine gunners choice (Steel armor plates + titanium helmet, give in total 6 units of armor).

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