Ravenous Devils: Walkthrough of the game 100%

In this manual, I would like to talk about achievements, as well as help you complete the game on 100%. I would also be glad if this guide is useful in the passage of Ravenous Devils.



I have prepared a small guide for you., and also divided it into sections, for your comfort: story-related and non-story-related games.

Story related games – these achievements cannot be missed and they will be given to you during the passage of the storyline of the game.

Games unrelated to the plot – these achievements can be obtained by reaching a certain number of things.

Total in the game: 23 achievements

  • Story related: 7 achievements
  • Not related to the plot: 16 achievements

Good luck with your game, and also thank you very much for your attention to this article! Let me take the opportunity to explain, this is my first guide – I will be glad to your comments and remarks on this guide.. So that I can improve my writing skills in the future.

Story related games:

Epistolary relations

To get this achievement, need to wait until the end of the first working day, go to the "Improvements" section and then to the "Letters" section, click on the new letter and get the achievement.

Annoying blond

Quite an easy achievement – just take action with the's.

What a knock!

Just help Gilbert.

In a better place

find out, Where did Elisevin go?. To do this, go to the "Letters" section at the end of the day, you will receive Letter d.8 – just read it.

Faulty Woman

Sew a new dress for Yvonne.


Behave like a good parent. Progress through the story, to get this achievement.

Ravenous Devils

Who is the real devil after all? Progress through the story, to get this achievement.

Non-story related games:


play with the sign 10 time! This is the easiest achievement. You need to go to a restaurant and, holding down the right mouse button, move left (outside, towards the street) there will be a sign. Click on the sign (pig) 10 time, and you will get the achievement.

excuse me, there is no bikini

Buy a new outfit (this time not for wiki). Just buy a new outfit for Percival. Go to the menu "Improvements", to the "Clothes" section and buy a new outfit.

Shh...he doesn't know

To get this achievement, everything, what do you need to do, is to buy the improvement "Waiter".

Feed me all night

Fertilize an unusual plant in a greenhouse, for it to grow. Once you unlock the nursery, everything, what do you need to do, is to use the fertilizer on the plant on the right. You will need to give him about 20 fertilizer, to grow up and unlock the achievement.

friendly paw

Buy a warm bed for your cat. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to purchase a new upgrade called "Cat", you just need to buy it, In this guide, I will tell you which slugs to kill..

spare magazine

First of all, you will need to purchase all the mannequins and tables in the Upgrades section.. Once this is done, you will need to fill them out and keep them "ready", before opening a shop.

Men eat men

Buy all tables. Now you don't just do takeaway food, do you have a real restaurant! Buy all tables in the Upgrades section, to unlock this achievement.

House of Horror

Get all upgrades. Mr T would be proud. To get it, buy all the upgrades in the "Improvements" section.

Green thumb

so, you took up gardening. To unlock this achievement, you just need to buy vegetables from the "Upgrades" section (tomatoes, potatoes and so on).

Not so rusty

Produce minced meat 20 time. It is easy to unlock it during the first run. It will just need 20 once put the corpses in the meat grinder, to create stuffing.

Really weird car

Produce sausages 20 time. Purchase the Sausage upgrade from the Upgrades section and produce at least 20 pieces.


Produce 20 steaks. Purchase the Steaks upgrade from the Upgrades section and cook at least 20 pieces.

Anyone else?

Anyone else?: Use your scissors 50 times on their clients. To get this achievement you need to kill at least 50 clients.

evergreen jokes

Do you like black humor? Not? You'll like it, believe me. After that, how do you grow a carnivorous plant, located to the right of the nursery, everything, what do you need to do, is to talk to him several times a day, until you get the achievement.

Gourmet Chef

Learn all your grandma's recipes. As you progress through the game and purchase all food upgrades, you will be able to get all the recipes.

Boring day

You didn't use your scissors today. It was boring, is not it? To unlock this achievement, everything, what do you need to do, is to spend a working day, without killing anyone.

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