Trek to Yomi endings

The ending 1: The path of love
To get the ending ‘The Path of Love’”, players need to select the option ‘Choose love’ at the end of chapter 6. In this ending, Hiriko decides to return to Yomi after saving her village., to stay with Aiko forever. Yomi gives him his last breath and returns him to his physical body. Back at the dojo, Kagerou and Hiriko have their final battle, in which Kagerou uses power, which he brought back from Yomi, when he died all those years ago. Hiroki kills him, and after that, how the bandits are defeated, and the village is saved, returns to Yomi, to happily exist forever with Aiko. In this ending you will get the achievement “follow your heart”.

The ending 2: Path of duty
As the name suggests, players will need to select an option “Select debt” in conversation with Nigi-tama. As a result of this choice, Hiroki decides, that he is ready to let go of Aiko and return to the world of the living, to protect and lead your people. In the seventh chapter, the gameplay is practically the same as the previous ending., but the dialogue is different, to reflect this choice. After defeating Kagerou, the final scene will take place in the future, after Hiroki helps his village recover. Now, getting older and wiser, Hiroki trains the boy at the dojo, like he and his sensei did at the beginning of the game, continuing to fulfill their duty to protect and help their people. In this ending you will get the achievement" “Follow your mind”.

The ending 3: path of fury
Although both of these endings can be considered good depending on your point of view, “path of fury”, undoubtedly, is a bad ending to the game. By choosing the option "Refuse gifts", Hiroki will reject love too, and debt, and honor, when will kill Nigi-Tama. After Kagerou's defeat, Hiroki removes the armor of the fallen warlord and usurps him as the leader of his army.. Hiroki lives his life as a brutal killer, like a man, who killed the love of his life and his sensei, surrendering completely to your revenge and fury. In this ending you will get the achievement “Follow your blade”.

The ending 4: Secret
This ending is the hardest to reach., and also the least satisfying in terms of storytelling. In the third chapter of the game, Hiroki returns to his village, in flames, and Kagerow returns, bandit, who killed his sensei in the first chapter. At the end of the third chapter, you have to fight Kagerou in a boss fight., and, as I already said, expected, that you will lose and go through the game to the end. However, the battle is not impossible., and it is for winning it that you will receive a secret ending. It is important to note, that you only have one try in this fight, once Kagerou kills you, the game is over, and you have to restart the game, to try again. The only way to repeat the fight is to carefully monitor your health and, when it decreases, pause the game and load the last checkpoint. You can also create a copy of the save file just before the fight and load that save, to try again.

When you defeat the warlord, Hiroki finds Aiko dead. Even managing to survive the encounter with Kagerou and avoid the trip to Yomi entirely, he can't save the woman he loves. Battered and emotionally depressed, he leaves his sword and house and goes into the night world, hoping, that he can find a new path for himself without his village and without Aiko. In parting she tells him, what will await him in Yomi, no matter how long it takes. In this ending you will get the achievement “early end”.

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