No Man’s Sky: How to get to the center of the galaxy relatively quickly

How to get to the center of the galaxy 15-20 minutes not in the most honest way, to be honest, too lazy to get.
No mods, glitches, bagoyuzov, etc.. not a thousand files and lines of code. Only the save editor and a seagull break.


The essence

Briefly, the essence is.
We put a bunch of units on the cargo ship with the save editor “Reality Binder”, giving +800 sv.l to the range of interstellar flight and increase the ship parameter “Hyperdrive” to 1000, and then we fly 600k + light l for 1-2 jump.
The most time will take the camera to fly from the point to the center – minutes 10-20 depending on the current distance from the center of the galaxy. Mechanical autopilot in the form of a toothpick stuck in the clave to help)

Cargo Ship

First we need our own cargo ship, any rank will do, at least S, at least C. It is advisable to empty the inventory of technologies or the main inventory of this ship.
After that, we make a manual save through the save beacon installed on the ship, or do an autosave, boarding and exiting your starship in the hangar.

NMS Save Editor

Paying attention, to change the save, you DO NOT need to exit the game or go to the main menu!

Downloading NMSSaveEditor[], or the first link in google to github. Click the green button “Code“-> “Download ZIP“, unpack the archive anywhere.
Since. application of java – needed to run Java 8[], if your computer doesn't have one. – a link to the official website of java is here, and in the README attached to the utility, and in google.

Next, run NMSSaveEditor.bat or NMSSaveEditor.jar
The first time you run it, it will ask you to select a save file..
The saves are in C:\Users%Username%AppDataRoamingHelloGamesNMSst_xxxxxxxxxxx or DefaultUser
Softina even guides you to the ..NMS folder
Select the desired save (if there are many – by date we track the desired)

Go to the section Freighter, and now we need to add as many units as possible Reality Binder. To do this, you can use either the slots of the main storage, or technology slots, or both, if you are greedy, but actually one of them will suffice. Allow section for technologies.

Select from the dropdown menu above inventory Technology, click next “Resize Inventory”, to change the inventory size to the maximum possible – set the maximum 8 and 6.
Right click on gray, inactive inventory slot and select Enable all slots, this will make all slots available
Next, on any empty cell, do RMB – Add Item, find through search Reality De-Threader, and click Save.
Now just click on all free RMB cells – Add Item – Save (Enter).

Next, change the value Hyperdrive on 1000 – it will accelerate to about 10 once all units, giving an increase in distance (for example, an increase from each “Binder” I have with 800 rose to 8800)

As a result, this will give max. range 500k+ sv.l.

Now go back to the first tab and click Save Changes


After finishing editing the save, back to the game, open the Esc menu and load the desired save.
Checking, that the correct units are installed in the edited truck inventory, giving the desired effect, and the ship's jump range (har-ki top right) grown enough.
And through “Map of the warp movement of the cargo ship” of our ship on the bridge we open a map of the galaxy.
Everything, it remains to turn the camera to the center of the galaxy and hold down W, press shift to speed up, put something heavy on the button and go drink tea for a minute 10, until the camera hits the jump distance limit (carefully, you can skip and then return for a long time or fly again)

I managed to get through ~ 640 thousand. St. l. for 2 jump – for ~440k and the remaining ~200k, came out about 15 minutes + couple of minutes to return, because. zavtykal and flew the limit.

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