SMASH LEGENDS: How to raise your legendary rank if you haven't already

If you are still sitting at a low rank (low rank is anything below 200 pts rank legends) and you are sitting because I saw the top ru players, then this guide will help you


The basics

The first thing to know – don't go 1 in 3, Yes and 2 in 3 worth going just to eat 2 enemy with very low hp
Second thing to know – do not use useless abilities (more about them)
Third thing to know – don't try to be aggressive (initiate), while the point is yours otherwise
Fourth – do not pick Useless heroes (more about them too)
Fifth – you killed all opponents? The hero with the lowest HP must jump off the map. (if he has <50% xp or if it's petya)(die to restore hp), the rest follow the items, you can try to block opponents from their spawn but don't flirt, one must always look at the situation
sixth – NEVER leave the point in the middle of the fight for the health / bomb, you can only if you were pushed out and you return and you are on your way
seventh – if you are alone / together alive on low hp and you are pushed out of the full hp point by players, then just die
If any of these points is violated, someone from your team can become this girl, why do you need to take sin on your soul


First, let's deal with useless heroes (if the hero is useless in >60% meta matches (I won't tell you about the meta heroes)then he is useless, first a teacher to play strong heroes then take others) so as not to waste time on abilities for them
Hook (she works at a low rank, no more)
master cat
Octavia (works with the Kaiser)
Rambert (debatable of course but you don't judge me)
Order (useful only if you know how to use it, and if you're still below 200 pts legends don’t know how)
snow (Doesn't play well against rangers, but it's okay)
witch queen (only works against Kaiser or in team)
Zepeta (works if you know how to play, here is the same as with)


Now we deal with the abilities for useful heroes
Alice – attack damage ability NEVER . You can use any combination of raid abilities, speed and drop mines on death), ability on CD is situational against heroes so don't take it
Cindy – Reir ALWAYS attack damage never, initial hp ability just loses hp with ult, you can take a decrease in the charge of the ult, but then Cindy then loses a lot of tank potential
Kaiser – reir always, increase in returns, ult charge reduction at will, damage reduction only against jack-o/snow/
Nui – рейр + skill damage always
Peter – ALWAYS ability for speed, then take it at will, except for the increase in control of the ult, useless ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ even against Alice
Octavia – рейр + ultimate charge reduction always
Rapunzel – рейр + damage from ult/skill cd or damage from ult + cd skill, stun ability against kaiser but very debatable,
Ravi – рейр + Light and darkness либо light and darkness + complete combustion other abilities rubbish
Robin – reir always + piercing with a scaffold (ability), or others 3 they all +- rules on request
witch queen – рейр + jump ability always
wolf – рейр + ability to damage with an ult is almost always, heal ability is not as good as it seems
If you have any questions, ask in the comments, if I remember, I will answer

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