EVE Online: Abyss Farm

I will try to explain so that it would be clear to the players who came to the willow) I hope it was helpful

Fit + Inv

ALL SEARCH IN THE TRADING SYSTEM ( like an auction. Press CTRL + R)

[Punisher, ]
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer
Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II

The cost of the fit itself from 9 up to about 12k

Gleam S – 8PC
4 we charge and 4 about stock
grind for a long time, but I recommend periodically looking at the condition of the pearls)

Tranquil Electrical Filament ——-?
Keys to buy at your discretion ( Passage open 3 key) i.e. do you want 3 times go take 9pcs


In order to board this boat, we need the following skills:

  • Housing mechanical strength – I
  • Armor Repair Installation – I
  • Hull Upgrade – I
  • Conducting gun fire – III
  • Small laser weapons – I
  • Increasing the rate of fire of guns – I
  • Increasing the range of guns – I
  • Lead Calculation – I
  • Saving energy when shooting – I
  • Pilot basics – II
  • CPU control – III
  • Jamming of propulsion systems – I
  • Scientific disciplines – I
  • Reactor control – I
  • Drive replenishment system – I
  • Ship control permits – I
  • Weapon upgrades – I
  • Simultaneous targeting

It is desirable to raise skills in order to transfer to more powerful boats in the future and buy appropriate body kits for it, and you will be able to farm more difficult abysses

In order not to waste a lot of time and immediately pump everything, then, if you wish, you can register using my ref link and get 1k skill points link[www.eveonline.com]

What's next?

Here we are leaving the dock and immediately making a warp to any point, it doesn't matter as soon as our ship goes into warp – mode press combination CTRL+B a window will appear
While flying, click send and you're done, we have saved the point where actually we will open the gates to the abyss.

Next, press T English, a window opens

and just warm up to our point, then you can rename it if you like.)

Next, create a fleet, click on your boat RMB, point to the tab “PILOT” opens an additional menu poke “create a fleet and invite a player and just close the window that opens

Open inventory or as in the game “HOLDS AND WAREHOUSES” ALT + C
And we use the same keys that we bought

Tranquil Electrical Filament*

Let me remind you 3 key = 1 entry

For everything you have 20 minutes, but in fact it takes 7-10 minutes
and so we use the key and such a menu opens

click on “1 cruiser” and choose 3 frigate
click activate, the abyss itself appears right at you and the entrance will be indicated 2 you will understand with arrows)

Here we are in the abyss)

Then everything is very simple
see screenshot

There you will have 1 to 3 enemy ships
1 a portal that will open only after the destruction of enemies
1 the container is round, we fly up and shoot it here and loot falls out, loot and fly into the portal and so 3 portal
for 1 we can take out 2kk plus or minus
how to get a hand from about 6 to 8 minutes
the key costs about 150k
you can decide for yourself if it's worth it or not.)

no tension, least chance of dying
other players won't do anything
you can farm near the station
for those who can't play for hours)
actually decide for yourself
if somewhere I made a mistake in the plan of action and other things, write) replace, fix or delete)

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