Poppy Playtime: How to make hoogie woogie soup

Here I will tell you the best Hoogie Woogie soup recipe.


Step 1 – what do we need for soup
For soup we need

1 – Hugi Vugi (blue)

2 – Beetroot 228g

3 – Dill (at your discretion)

4 – Salt (At your discretion)

5 – Iron (any quantity)

6 – Water (at your discretion)

Step 2 – What to do next?
We take and pour water into the pan

Step 3
We take and cut beets

Step 4
Add beets to a pot of water, cut and put the same dill

Step 5
Time to get our Hoogie Woogies, cut it and rub it on our iron, with such actions, Hoogie Woogie becomes more delicious

Step 6
Throwing Hoogie Woogie and iron into the pot. set to cook at a temperature higher than the sun.

Step 7
sometimes add salt to the soup and mix

Step 8 (last)
Now we take and pour our dish into a plate and put it by the open window to cool. After half an hour, the soup will cool down and be completely ready.!

The ending
Now you can enjoy a very tasty soup. if you liked the soup, then later I can reveal the secret of the salad recipe from Momi Long Legs. Have a nice day everyone.

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