The Cycle: Maps with areas, where does the level spawn LUT

Greetings! I spied cards from the developers in the dev blog. I share them with you.


Loot level changes on maps.

Loot levels on maps:

Bright sands contained levels with 1 by 5.
Crescent Falls contained levels from 2 to 5.

For release
Bright sands will be with 1 by 4 level.
Crescent Falls will be from 3rd to 5th level.

Actual maps for release

bright sands – release version

Crescent Falls – release version

Closed rooms on locations

Locked rooms and weapon crates

Firstly, all locked rooms can be counted on 1 level above, than the zone, in which they are. for example, the locked room in the swamp camp is the level 3. Boost rooms also follow this logic. Although, since T6 (until) not, Locked rooms in T5 zones will be especially juicy.

Secondly, I think, that in CBT2 we were too generous with weapon crates. It was too easy to run to the jungle camp or the lab at the top with a knife and loot a few crates of weapons.. In the release, we paid more attention to the placement of weapon crates and spawns behind locked doors.

Creatures by levels on locations

As in the case of prey, creature spawn can be expressed as a level with 1 by 5. Possible spawns:

Shatuny, Rattles

Shatuny, Rattles (Same, as T1, only more)

Shatuny, Heavy Connecting Rods, Rattles, adult rattlesnakes, Marauders

Shatuny, heavy connecting rods, rattlesnakes, adult rattlesnakes, marauders (Same, as T3, emphasis on elite spawns)

Shatuny, Heavy Connecting Rods, Rattles, adult rattlesnakes, Marauders, wild marauders

Crushers are manually placed and are exclusive to Crescent Falls.

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