hero wins: Guide to Valhalla (16 season)

In this guide, I will talk about the features of the bosses and the elements of the passage of the 8th act of the game.. Nothing smart here, just information for those, who had problems passing.
8-wow, it's very different from the previous ones., so I personally had some problems with it. If you want to find out for yourself without spoilers, better close this guide

Not alone in the 8th act, and three bosses. Here are some tips for getting through the first one., Valkyrie
To get to her, need from location 8-2 go to the portal Plain of Ida. There, in the northern part of the location, there are gates with 4 pictures in front of them. There you just need to bring stones in the form of pictures and throw them into the slots. Shouldn't be a problem, but I'll tell you just in case, that one of the stones is necessary dig out. He digs like always in the same place, marked with a cross. Here's a screenshot
Next we go to the Valkyrie. Her attacks are weak and, mostly, push the player. It is important. Now I'll explain why. Valkyrie heals, when player stepping on purple puddles, which she creates with one of her attacks. Therefore, stepping on them should be avoided as much as possible.. On H1, one touch restores her about 100k hp. And with her attacks, the Valkyrie pushes the player into these puddles. Otherwise, nothing complicated. Here's a screenshot

The ugly snake
After that, how we ran around the locations a little, returned toys to children, so that later these same children can be fucked with a shovel, come to the location Gjoll River. The first difficulty in this location is that, that the boat launch texture is very small and you can just run around the location, Not understanding, what should be done. The interaction texture is shown in the screenshot below.
Next comes the real tin. Need to sail the boat and shoot the monsters. Basically, it's a simple matter, you can get used to it quickly. At the end of the path, the second boss awaits us., Yormungand. His attacks are easily missed, except for one, that you just can't see. These are rocks falling from the ceiling.. Screenshot below
Before the fall of the big stone, damaging the boat, fall in the same place small pebbles, which may not be noticed. So be careful.

One(not, two)
Getting to Odin is no big deal., default game locations, nothing complicated. As for the boss himself
All his attacks are very weak., except for this one. He strikes a column of lightning around him and fires four lightning bolts towards his axes.. They beat HIGHLY painfully, so it's better not to run into them. And that, during the cast invulnerable. Generally, there is not much more to say about the first phase, let's move on to the second
Here you just need to destroy the basins, that surround you, after destruction, they will deal great damage to Odin. After that, how does he have ~25-30% hp left, he will summon skeletons instead of basins, kill them, kill Odin. Shouldn't be a problem. If it's not so easy – write, I will add

Mysterious Key
After killing Odin, a key will appear, giving you a quest to find its owner. There's nothing complicated about it, if you know, where to go. We return to the location 8-4, Soul camp and find the door, as in the screenshot below, only it will be closed
DAY 6, find npc, which will give us the next quest – find him 100 pieces of braggite. This material is farmed from boss mobs in all locations. Personally, I got a lot in Chaos Tower.
And he farms like hell doooolgo. I only farmed a few, so I don't know, what will happen next. I will supplement the guide, when I get through this whole thing. Generally, good luck and have a nice day!

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