20 Minutes Till Dawn: Sparkling Spark

An endless chain reaction of fire and lightning.


Due to the large magazine of pistols and the Spark passive, we will have infinitely replenished ammo and a constant chain reaction of fire and lightning.

The main task is to go to Overload

To constantly replenish the store, be sure to take recharging

For a better distribution of ignition, we take fragmentation

It will also be useful to close the ice branch, and in particular Split

And for an even greater spread of ignition, we take ice flame

As a result, we have an endless Tsukuyomi of ice, fire and lightning.
There are so many lightning, what do you forget about reloading, and constant shooting is constant lightning.
From useful you can also take Divine Wrath, there is not much lightning

It is also possible, but rather it is necessary, to take killer

From Chokes

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