Need for Speed Unbound: We solve the problem with departures

Getting rid of crashes after creating a character and choosing a starting car.


Banal ways

1 – Reinstall the game;
2 – Check the integrity of game files;
3 – Install Origin/EA App instead of EA App/Origin;
4 – Check for Windows updates;
5 – Install the latest video card drivers;
6 – Reinstall Windows.

Decision, which is likely to help

1. Go to the game folder, where is it installed. This could be the way, as an example: “D:\SteamsteamappscommonExcalibur”. We find in the final path “Excalibur” folder “shadercache” and delete the format file “PcDx12” (Number.Nfs22.PcDx12).

2. We perform a similar action along the way “C:\UsersComputer nameDocumentsNeed For Speed(TM) Unbound”, but already in the folder “cache”. Looking for a file “Number.Nfs22.PcDx12” and remove it.

3. Run the game. Now she has to earn full. Enjoy!

Attention: File “Number.Nfs22.PcDx12” in folder “cache” along the way “C:\UsersComputer nameDocumentsNeed For Speed(TM) Unbound” must be removed before each launch, as it is being recreated. highlighted in red on the world map, but unpleasant.

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