Need for Speed Unbound: In a nutshell – how to get away from 5 stars

Nothing really hard, if you know how to check the Moscow Ring Road



The most important rule, checkers!

Stopped = lost

Slipper on the floor and play between the rows, you are lucky that the cops here are not as strong as in HEAT, they are stupid enough to break themselves, and it's easier to break in the stream!

Dial 5 stars occupies from 5 to 10 minutes, the main thing is to keep the flow of cops nearby and at least 1 the cop was alive, you can turn the second ( 10 fiery salam to the cops will give you 2k greens )

When entering the tunnel, do not let the cops in front, keep them back, and just play between the rows, jump between cars, in a couple of minutes there will be no living cops left and you just have to turn off the engine by holding down the B button on the gamepad and wait for the chase to end
As a result, you will receive an achievement and lave

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