Poker Night Achievements Guide 2

Guide created to help the player get all the achievements in the game Poker Night 2


One Hand Clapping

Everything is very simple,gotta win one round.

I Tournament to Do That

Gotta win the tournament, outplaying four opponents.


Chip on Your Shoulder

Buy a set of chips.

Deck the Halls

Buy a deck.

Felt Up

Buy a poker table

Go to the game menu and buy a deck, chips, poker table.

Unlock all the Things

Unlock all decks, tables and chips.

You need to buy all kinds of chips in the game menu, decks of cards and poker tables.

We’ll Drink to That

Buy a drink.

During a poker tournament, when it's your turn to move,you need to buy a drink for the opponent you want to treat. The drink can only be bought with chips received for successful participation in the tournament.


Joint Venture

Activate the table at the same time, Ventura Brothers deck and tokens.

Border Crossing

Activate the table at the same time, deck and Borderlands chips.

Army Surplus

Activate the table at the same time, deck and tokens Army of Darkness.

Sam to the Max

Activate the table at the same time, deck and chips of Sam and Max.

This Was a Triumph

Activate the table at the same time, deck and Portal chips.

The main thing is choosing chips, a deck and a table of the same theme.

Win bounty items

Orb ‘n’ Legends

Win Brock's bounty item.

Trophy Wife

Win Claptrap's bounty item.

Book ‘Em

Win Ash's bounty item.

Banjo Hero

Win Sam's bounty item.

Personality Goes a Long Way

Win a GLaDOS bounty item.

We Are the 1%

Reach a balance of one million dollars.

To receive (attainment $1 000 000 the balance) you need to win at least 13 tournaments. Money is earned only by completely winning the tournament. Entrance to each tournament costs you $20 000, for the victory $100 000. Ie. winning the tournament you earn $80 000.If a particularly bad hand is played, you can exit to the desktop by pressing Alt + F4 , while the game is not saved after losing.

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