As soon as the game came out, many players instantly became confused about a whole bunch of different currencies, which the developers gave us.
At the moment the game has about 10 different currencies, so let's figure it out, what, where and why?


Hero Crystals

Hero Crystals – this is the premium currency in the game.

Methods of obtaining:
– Donat
– Login Bonus
– “Special” missions
– Event Store

What are they for?:
– Purchasing a Hero License (Battle Pass)
– Buying Lottery Tickets
– Buying experience for “Special License”

Golden coins

Golden coins – This is the so-called “Gold”

Methods of obtaining:
– Accrual for each match played
– Battle Pass
– Completing Missions

What are they for?:
– Buying Banners
– Purchasing some skins
– Buying some voice lines
– Buying some Emotions

Agency Points

Agency points – glasses, what is needed to increase agency levels.
If you are a member of the Agency, then you can “donate” Points to one of the Agency's points, leveling up.

Increasing different points will give a percentage bonus to Player Experience or Gold, received per match, and it will also be possible to activate XP boost, through which all agency participants will receive 100% more experience for Licenses.

Methods of obtaining:
– Battle Pass
– Completing Missions
Покупка в магазине

Ключи для Галереи

Ключи для Галереивалюта, которая встречается на каждом углу.

How to get a:
– Battle Pass
– Completing Missions
Покупка в Магазине

Для чего нужно:
Открытие баннеров в Галерее

(Галерея находится во вкладке “Menu” в правом нижнем углу лобби)

Лотерейные Билеты

Лотерейные Билетысистема гачи в игре. С помощью них можно получать косметику или играбельных персонажей.

How to get a:
Покупка в магазине
– Completing Missions
– Battle Pass
Награды за ежедневный вход

Зачем нужны:
Возможность испытать удачу в разделе “The order will be from easiest to hardest.”

Души Героев

Souls of heroes – это компенсация за выпадение повторных предметов после использования лотерейных билетов.

Methods of obtaining:
Выпадение повторного предмета в системе гачи.
(1 звезда = 1 Душа Героя
2 звезды = 10 Душ Героя
3 Звезды = 200 Душ героя)
PS: Если будет выпадать повторка на 3-звёздочные скины, то вместо души Героев вам будет выпадать Аура. Aura – это элемент косметики, который позволит вам выглядеть ещекручев лобби или на экране профиля.

Зачем нужны:
Покупка Билетов Персонажей
Покупка стилей для 3-звёздных скинов

Билет Персонажа

Билет Персонажаособый билет, который позволит вам открывать новых персонажей.

На данный момент с помощью этого билета можно разблокировать следующих персонажей:

– Tenya Iida
– Denki Kaminari
– Itsuka Kendo

In the future, tickets will be able to unlock those characters, which were previously in the Gacha system.

Methods of obtaining:
– Purchase in the Store for Hero's Souls

Rental Ticket

Rent Tickets will allow you to play as a blocked character. From the Character Ticket, the Rental Ticket allows you to play as a locked character without permanently unlocking him., which means, when will Rental Tickets run out?, then you will not be able to play as characters, which are not available to you. There can be a maximum of three Rental Tickets.

Methods of obtaining:
– Recover over time

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