Hollow Knight: ZOT Mighty on 112%

This is a remaster of the Zot guide. And this is his description.


Before the beginning…

I worked on this guide for a very long time., and if it's not difficult for you, I'll ask you to at least write a comment, I will be pleased, thank you in advance.

Это ремастер руководства о breedis. I made it for a reason, that I write manuals better now thanks to practice. Namely, thanks to some GREAT guidance, which I first posted, but then I realized, what for those, who would like to use it to complete the game, it is not the most convenient. But as a development and improvement in my ability to write guides, it helped me.

| Кто такой breed? |

breed – rude and selfish character, which the player will encounter throughout almost the entire game, and tell everyone about your adventures and victories over enemies.

| Definition from the Hollow Knight wiki |

breed Mighty (orig. Zote the Mighty) - non-player character in the game Hollow Knight, found throughout the game.

| Location |

breed будет встречаться вам в этих локациях (in the same sequence):

  • Green Path.
    In the mouth of the King of Avengers.
  • Mudmouth.
    If you save him from the King of Avengers, he will appear in Mudmouth and rest, getting ready for the next trip underground.
  • City of Tears.
    Will stand in one of the long corridors.
  • Deep Nest.
    You will find him stuck in a web.
  • Colosseum of Fools
    If you save him in the Deep Nest, broke the web, he will appear in a cage next to the arena.
  • Mudmouth again
    Will rest again, only now it won’t go anywhere else.

| Entry in the Hunter's Journal |

Self-proclaimed Inglorious Knight. Wears a nail, carved from carapace wood, calling him “Life taking”.

Some creatures are so weak, helpless, mediocre and just annoying, that hunting them is not even a joy.

| Реплики и грёзы breedbut |

does not intend to offend anyone / Green Path

| Replicas |

  • “And what are you, in your opinion, are you doing?! How dare you come between me and my prey? You have this habit of minding your own business and annoying?”
  • “Know that, aphid: I am the Mighty Zot, knight of great glory! If you come to me again, you’ll find out, why is my nail called “Life-Taking”?”
  • “What else do you need? I am a Knight. I don't care about your childhood games. I need some rest.
    Out of sight! Or I’ll get the nail...”

| Dreams |

  • “Stupid beast... you lowered your fangs, biting into my indestructible flesh. Not surprised, that you were defeated by this weakling!”

here the subject is Talking head You are the most beautiful of all / Mudmouth

| Replicas |

  • “Hey, you! Why are you standing in the shadows??
    Yes, your vision is not clouded. I am the Mighty Zot, knight of great glory. Tremble before me!
    While you were holed up in this nasty village, I went down into the darkness of the well and killed the great beast. He had sharp jaws and bad manners.
    Yes, Yes. All the glory is mine. No time for flattery. I need to rest and get ready for the next trip down.”
  • “That crazy old man... He's talking complete nonsense. Seem to be, he thinks, that the air in the caves below is poisoned. maybe, then he better not breathe at all.
    And he also talks all sorts of things about dreams. Ugh! Dreams are the lot of those, who does not know how to truly live.”
  • “Pf-f. What a miserable village. The air here is disgusting, and the locals are always staring. I'll go downstairs, as soon as the opportunity arises.”

| Dreams |

  • “This is a dark place... It reminds me of home. What a horror...”

go through the cave find a sewing needle and give it to Bock / City of Tears

| Replicas |

  • “Hey! Look, where are you going?, urine! I do not want, so that you splash me. Even without that, it took me a lot of effort to stay dry here..
    I am the Mighty Zot, knight of great glory. And if I want to be dry, then so be it!
    I curse this vile city! It's water, then monsters fall from above! Not surprised, that the Kingdom was in decline…”
  • “They've already met you? Guards, that they still patrol the city streets even after death?
    Pha. There's nothing good about that, to be extremely dedicated to your work.”
  • “I suppose, these tall towers surprise you. Pha. In my travels I have seen even higher. Yes, more beautiful, what can we hide?”

| Dreams |

  • “Why is the air crying? This Kingdom is laughing at me? I shed my last tear a long time ago...”

Fourth meeting / Deep Nest

| Replicas |

  • “Hey! What are you doing, small clumsy bug?! Waving your rusty nail in the dark?
    You almost hit me! And if I got, that would be your last blow. Believe me!
    I am the Mighty Zot, knight of great glory. My weapon, “Life Taker”, finished off countless enemies. Out of sight, or will you follow them!”
  • “Hmm? Do you want to get out of these dark tunnels?? As if I care.
    Not, I won't take you out of here. Thanks to my great memory I know for sure, where to go, but I always travel alone. Get out of my sight.”

| Dreams |

  • “To get the achievement, you need to buy a car and one of the days the girl will offer to go on a picnic, The kingdom hid this nest from me, full of deadly predators. What, the deadliest of them is now here...
    ...Mighty Zot!”

Fifth meeting / Colosseum of Fools

In a cage

| Replicas |

  • “Hmm? What do you need, aphid? Also here, to make fun of me?
    Fools! It never dawned on you, that I allowed myself to be imprisoned in this cage?!
    Yes, do me a favor, let me out into this Colosseum!
    I am the Mighty Zot! As soon as “The Life Taker” sparkles in the darkness, your laughter will immediately turn into screams of horror!”
  • “I've been in battle all my life. Killed hundreds - no, thousands of enemies.
    And these fools want to fight me? Madness! It seems, they just can't wait to die.
    Let it be so. Mighty Zot will give them that, what do they want so much...”

| Dreams |

  • “What squalor. Stuck here instead, to continue your journey...
    I came to this Kingdom to fulfill a promise... and I will fulfill it...”

After defeat

  • “Run, aphid! Get away from me! Otherwise I will mock you!”

Sixth meeting / Mudmouth again

| Dreams |

  • “I came to this Kingdom to fulfill a promise... and I succeeded!
    I made this promise a long time ago... To myself...
    Promise of Glory! Glory to me, Mighty Zot! I never doubted myself, never failed - and now I have achieved everything, what you wanted.”
| Серый Принц breed |

Серый Принц breedусиленная версия breedbut, dreaming, added as DLC “Hidden Dreams”.

| Definition from the Hollow Knight wiki |

Gray Prince breed (orig. Grey Prince All of them) — dream boss in the game Hollow Knight, могучая версия и без того могучего breeda Mighty. Added as a free add-on “Hidden Dreams”.

| Location |

A statue breedа будет находиться в домике Бретты после ее спасения и сражения против breedand in Gluptsov Coliseum. If you hit the statue with the Dream Nail, you will enter the arena with the boss.

| Dreams |

  • “My Queen... I will do anything for you!”
  • “I love her more!”
  • “Darkness... Light... Nothing compares to it!”
  • “I will kill you quickly... I must hurry to the Queen!”
  • “Jealous fool! You don't stand a chance!”

| Entry in the Hunter's Journal |

Spawn of an Obsessed Mind. Awkward, but with every defeat he only gets stronger.

“My love... Oh, how worthless everyone is, who can even think about being separated from you! Whose mouth can utter blasphemy against you?, whose paws will pass you by... Ugh! Vile Slugs, unworthy even to stand in your shadow!”
She felt, how her cool body became warmer. A long forgotten feeling...”
“Gray Prince”, Chapter 112

| Eternal Torment |

Eternal Torment – this is a test found in God's Blood, added in DLC “GodMaster”.

| Definition from the Hollow Knight wiki |

Eternal torment (orig. The Eternal Ordeal) — secret test in the Halls of the Gods of God's Blood.

| Location |

This test is located in the Halls of the Gods. You need to climb the wall on the top right and jump even higher.

| Enemy types |

  • breed Mighty
  • Прыгучий breedling
  • Крылатый breedling
  • Пухлый breedling
  • Взрывной breedling
  • Долговязый breedling
  • breed-on a string
  • Head breedbut
  • breedlubra
  • Tremblingbreed

| Related achievements |

Achievements, связанных с breedohm only three. Here they are:

  • Confrontation
    Win breedand in Gluptsov Coliseum.

    Для получения этого достижения нужно в течении всей игры спасать breedbut. And if you did everything right, he will appear in the Colosseum of Fools in a cage. Talk to him, and he will appear at the end of the Trial of the Warrior (first test). After that, defeat him, and now you have received the achievement.

  • Neglect
    Leave breedand die.

    Для получения этого достижения вы должны оставить breedand in the Green Path in the mouth of the King of Avengers. After receiving the Mantis Claw you need to return to this location. And here is your achievement.

  • Dark Romance
    Победите Серого принца breedbut

    Для получения этого достижения вы должны спасти Бретту и победить breedand in Gluptsov Coliseum. After this, return to Mudmouth. There, Bretta's house will have a basement, в котором будет стоять статуя breedbut. Hit her with the dream nail, and you will be taken to the arena with the boss. After winning you will receive this achievement.

57 ЗАПОВЕДЕЙ BREEDBUT ( Part 1 / 1-27 )

"Always win your battles"
“Defeat doesn’t give you anything and doesn’t teach you anything.”. Win battles - or don't fight at all!»

"Never let yourself be laughed at"
“Fools laugh at everything - even those, who is better than them. But don't underestimate laughter!
It's like a disease infects everything around, and now the whole world is laughing at you.
This rotten fun needs to be nipped in the bud, so that it doesn't spread".

"Always rest"
"Battles and travel take their toll. When you rest, your body becomes stronger, and the wounds heal. The more you rest, the stronger you become".

"Forget about the past"
"The past hurts. Thinking about him means making yourself weaker. Think about something else, eg, about the future or about food".

"Strength overcomes Strength"
"Your opponent is strong? Nothing! Just outpower him, and victory itself will come to you".

"Choose your own destiny"
"The elders say, that our fate is predetermined for us. I don't agree with this".

"Don't Mourn the Dead"
"When we die, do we get better or worse from this?? Nobody knows for sure. So don't worry about death. Or celebrate it".

"Travel Alone"
"You can't trust anyone, because no one will be loyal to you forever. So you shouldn’t look for a permanent companion.”.

"Keep your house clean"
"Your home is a place, where do you keep your most important trophy?: myself. So always keep your house clean and tidy.".

"Always sharpen your nail"
"I always keep an eye on it, so that my weapon, “Life-taking”, it was well sharpened. Then it’s much easier to cut everything apart.”.

"Mothers will always betray you"
"This commandment speaks for itself".

“Always keep your cape dry.”
"If your cape gets wet, dry it as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wear wet things - it’s easy to get sick.”.

"Never be afraid"
“Fear puts a spoke in your wheels. But it is extremely difficult to look your fear in the eye.. Therefore, it is better not to be afraid at all.".

"Respect your superiors"
"If you see, that someone is stronger than you, mind or both, show him your respect. Don’t let the strong side and don’t laugh at them.”.

"One enemy, one hit"
“Always defeat the enemy with one blow. More than one hit is a waste of time. Having mastered the one-hit technique, easy to calculate, how many enemies did you defeat in battle?.

"Don `t doubt"
"If you have made a decision, don't look back and go until the last. This way you will achieve more".

"Believe in your Strength"
"Many will doubt you, but there's someone you can always trust. Myself. Believe in your own strength, and you will never fail".

"Seek the Truth in the Darkness"
“This commandment also speaks for itself”.

"If you try, prosper"
“If you are planning a new venture, do everything for his success. If you didn't succeed, means, you failed! Avoid him at all costs!»

"Tell only the Truth"
“Speaking sincerely is polite and also useful. But remember, that by telling the truth you can make enemies for yourself. You'll have to come to terms with this.".

"Be aware of your surroundings"
"Not the sixth one, staring at the ground! Look around often and keep an eye on it, so that you are not caught by surprise".

"Leave the Nest"
“At the first opportunity I left the place of my birth and went into the big world. Don't stay in the nest. There's nothing there for you".

"Find the enemy's weak point"
"Every enemy of yours has a weak point, be it a crack in the shell or excessive sleepiness. Always be alert and critical of your opponent, to discover his weakness!»

"Hit the enemy's weak point"
“If you followed the previous commandment and recognize the enemy’s weak point, immediately strike him. So you will destroy him this very second.".

"Protect your weak spot"
"Remember, that the enemy will also want to know your weak point, so protect him. And the best defense is not to have it at all.”.

"Don't trust your reflection"
"Sometimes, looking into mirrored objects, you will see your reflection. The figure will match yours and even begin to repeat all gestures and movements, but I don't think so, that he can be trusted".

"Eat as much as possible"
“At meals, eat as much food as possible. This way you will get more energy and be able to eat much less often.”.

57 ЗАПОВЕДЕЙ BREEDBUT ( Part 2 / 28-57 )
"Don't Look into the Darkness"
"If you look long into the impenetrable darkness, Long-forgotten memories will begin to creep into your head. And as the Fourth Commandment says, the past is not our friend".

"Develop a sense of direction"
“It’s very easy to get lost in these intricate caves. A good sense of direction is like a magic map in your head.. Very helpful".

"Never accept promises"
“Leave your promises to others to judge.”, because they are never followed. Promises of love and engagement should be especially avoided.".

“Infection lives in dirt”
"If you spend a lot of time in nasty places, then you might get sick. If you are staying with someone for the night, Demand from the owners maximum cleanliness and care".

"Names have power"
"Names have power, so to give something a name is to give something power. I named my nail “Life Taking”. Don't steal that, what did I come up with! Invent it yourself!»

"You shouldn't respect your opponent"
“You shouldn’t treat your opponents with respect.”! If someone opposes you, then they shouldn't expect respect, kindness or compassion in return".

"Don't eat right before bed"
"It can cause anxiety and indigestion. Just worldly wisdom".

"The top is the top, the bottom is the bottom"
"If you fell in the dark, It’s very easy to lose your sense of space and forget where you were going.. Remember this commandment!»

"Shells are fragile"
“And again the commandment speaks for itself”.

"Borrow, but don’t give it away yourself"
"If you lend, and they will return it to you, then you won't get anything. What if you borrow money and don’t pay it back?, then you will get everything".

"Beware of the Mysterious Power"
"A mysterious force influences us from above, forcing you to be on the ground. If you spend too much time in the air, she will smash you to the ground. Be careful!»

"Eat quickly, drink slowly"
“Your body is a refined vessel. Treat him with the greatest care. Swallow the food as quickly as possible, and drinks, on the contrary, are measured and idle.”.

"Only honor your laws"
“The laws of others may be inconvenient or difficult to enforce. Let your desires become your laws".

"Learn to recognize lies"
"When others say, they usually lie. Ruthlessly delve into their speeches and get to the bottom of the truth, exposing their deception".

«Trate geo, while there is"
“Someone hoards geo and even takes it with them into the dirt after death. As for me, it's better to spend it, while there is, and enjoy the pleasures of life".

"Never forgive anyone"
"If, let's say, your brother or whoever else will ask you for forgiveness - always refuse. This brother, or whoever it was, doesn't deserve your forgiveness".

"You can't breathe water"
“You can refresh yourself with water.”, but don't try to breathe in her, or you will be unpleasantly surprised".

"One cannot be the other"
“This is an extremely obvious commandment. However, many argued with me about this, that one thing can be another, when it's completely clear, that it can’t be anything else. So be on your guard!»

"The world is smaller, what do you think"
"When I was still a boy, then I thought, like the world is huge, vast and vast. It's okay. Unfortunately, it's much smaller. I know, what am I talking about, because I've been everywhere, wherever possible".

"Make your own weapons"
"Tend to your own weapons, only you know everything, what do you need from him. At a young age, I myself hewed the “Life Taker” from the shell tree. He's never let me down before. Just like I did him".

"Be careful with fire"
"Fire is a recklessly dancing spirit. It can warm and give light, but if you come too close, your shell will immediately singe.”.

"There's no need for statues"
"Don't praise them! Nobody erected statues of you, neither to me, so why should we pay attention to the statues of others?»

"Don't waste your time on riddles"
"Some things in this world are akin to riddles. Or secrets. If the meaning of something doesn't come to you right away, not served as is, don't waste your time on this. Live on».

"Nothing is harmless"
“Everything in this world is ready to hurt you at the right opportunity.”. Friends, enemies, shaky ground underfoot. Don't trust anything in the world.".

"Beware of the Jealousy of Fathers"
"The fathers firmly believe, that since they created us, then we must serve them forever and not be superior to them in anything. If you want to make your own way, slay your father. Or just leave him.".

"Do not steal the wishes of others"
“Every being keeps its desires deep within itself. If you see a glimpse of someone else's desire, resist the urge to make him yours. It won't lead you to happiness.".

"If you locked something, feed key»
"Nothing should be locked up forever, so keep the key with you. Sooner or later you will come back and reveal everything, what he hid under lock and key".

"Do not bow down to anyone"
"There are those in the world, who consider themselves superior to others. They steal your food, land, body and even thoughts!
But they don't deserve all this. Never bow down to them - and definitely don't follow their instructions.".

"Don't dream"
"Dreams are very dangerous. Through them, strange and alien thoughts can enter your mind.. But if you resist these thoughts, then your body will be taken over by disease! It's better not to dream at all, how I do it".

"Honor all the commandments"
“The most important thing is to remember all these commandments by heart and follow them impeccably. Especially this one!
Hmm. You really listened to everything, what did I just say? Let me once again list you the Fifty-seven Commandments of Zot.".

| Cut content |

Несмотря на всё величие breedbut, it doesn't have much cut content. Just two things, связанные с breedoh they never added it, namely:

  • breed – game character.

    Одной из целей на кикстартере было добавление breedbut as a game character. But unfortunately, this goal was not achieved.

  • Amulet breedbut.

    На довольно поздней стадии разработки игры у разработчиков была задумка добавить амулет breedbut. When putting on this amulet, the knight was supposed to die with one blow. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about the amulet..

| Fashion |

Mods, связанных с breedoh quite a lot. Here are some of them. I won’t write anything except names, so you can look at the titles, install these mods, and get a new experience or a new challenge.

  • AbsoluteAll of them
  • PureAll of them
  • All of themkiller

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