The place of a parent: How to complete rare achievements

How to complete rare achievements? Here you will find the answer to this question


Maximum Pain

In chapter – “Another girl”
Activate the Mega Mouse Easter egg in "The Other Girl" chapter.
prompt:Among a bunch of dead rats, look for the one, whose stomach is ripped open, then shoot it

Alone in the dark

In chapter – “Medic”
Listen to all Medic audio recordings.
prompt: There are a lot of audio recordings in this place.. You just need to take and listen to each of them”

The house that she built

In chapter – “Mum”
find out, What does the Curse of the Medic mean?.
prompt: You just need to shoot her.

Get out

In chapter – “Mum” [Endings]
Get a positive ending to the game.
prompt:“For this final you will need to take with you 5 bullets for your pistol. Shoot everyone 5 dolls, to release their spirit.”

Happy day of death

In chapter – “Mum” [Endings 2]
Get a neutral ending to the game.
prompt: Neutral ending requires, so that you have 1 bullet for your pistol. Shoot yourself (hold the right mouse button, to take aim at yourself, then pull the trigger)

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