Call of Juarez Gunslinger: Guide to achievement “Nim Shot”

In this guide you will learn about the fastest and easiest way to get achievements “Nim Shot”


How to get a?

We enter the mode “Duels” and we get to 3 enemy, the more lives you have left, the better. Then we hope, that grandfather will go to the right, Well, try to knock it out at 75%< concentration and shot speed. Waiting for the heartbeat to start, kill a bird, and after that we take grandfather. What if the second shot fails to hit old man Clanton? – we shy away, clicking on “A” or “D”, but be careful, because in this case the spread of the crosshairs will increase and the attempt can be ruined.


If you need a more detailed guide for getting this or that achievement, then write in the comments, after which I will update this guide. Although this shouldn't happen)

P.s. I decided to write this guide because, that my opponent constantly walked to the left, and if this happens, then the distance from him to the bird will be too great. And I didn’t understand how to get the achievement. And somewhere 3 or 4 replay (1 replay = 6 lives) I noticed, that he went the other way. Maybe I'm so lucky. xs

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