Rain World: How to complete the first cycle

How to complete the first cycle in all campaigns in the World of Rain?



Guide contains spoilers, be careful with this!
For those, who hasn't figured out the game very well yet?.


It all starts with a cutscene. After viewing it, we can control the yellow slug, let's walk along the room. There are fruits hanging on the ceiling somewhere, don't try to take them, you won't make it. The yellow warden appears, sometimes called Iggy, he shows where to go. We enter the first passage.
We find ourselves in another room with two passages, let's go to the top. We see bats in the room, we grab and crunch them. If you didn't have enough to eat them, let's go to another room. We again find ourselves in that first location and go into the passage just below the other one on the right. There are another blue hanging fruit hanging in this room., I don't know what they are, but they are edible. We eat as much as we need, You can take any leftovers with you to your next cycle.. We go to that very room, Iggy shows you where to go. We go to another place where we have to jump over a pit, well they'll tell you how. Then you have to speed up a little and run as fast as you can to the shelter. You sleep and your karma increases, and your banana remains satisfied and full.


We also do, as for Banana.


We don't see a cutscene this time. It all starts with a red slug that jumps and then stops near one spear.. He has a green neuron in his left hand, spear on the back, I have no idea how he wears it there, but it is very convenient and effective when you are in battle. We go into the passage, we have to eat meat to survive. There are many small centipedes in the room, let's eat them. Five slug hunger cells are already filled, it will be easier to eat. Keep in mind that blue hanging fruits only fill 1/4 one cell, although I recommend eating them regardless.
You can go either to the lower passage or to the upper. If you go to the upper one, it means you are going to the Heavenly Archipelago, and if you go to the bottom one you will end up in the Dungeon.
I'll just tell you how to get to the bottom passage, since I don’t know how to walk through the Heavenly Region. To swim more successfully, I advise you to eat those same mushrooms. Well, then you’ll figure out where to go.

We see a cutscene with slugs, who wanders the Shadowed Citadel in search of a suitable new home for her family.. Slime is holding in his hand one huge slime mold, eat it later! Bring a couple extra slime molds and make your own lantern using a pebble and slime mold. Let's leave this area.
Another room appears in front of us, full of all kinds of fresh food. It's time to eat a huge slime mold! Crunch with the hanging fruit, you will not regret. Take some more food with you and go to the nearest shelter, be careful not to bump into a spider.


It all starts with the room, full of scavenger corpses. The cherry crunches one dead body, while she grabs him, can be seen, that a karma icon appears in the lower left corner, then hunger cells are filled. Bombastic releases his food, and we see how karma flashes red and the first karma icon appears, does an explosive pole vault, another, leaves the room.
We see a small warehouse of explosive and non-explosive weapons of scavengers. Slimekisya approaches and stops for a moment next to the flying object. The object is humming, makes a small call, lights up red and starts flying after the player. Control passes to you.
You can either go to the Shadowed Citadel, or stay at the Landfill and bomb squads of colorful Teletubbies. To stay at the Landfill you must first eat and take a nap.. You only need to go to the Dark Region with the corpse of a scavenger, whose karma is equal 4 sign or more. Sleeping with a corpse 4 I don’t recommend karma before going to another region: karma will decrease, but they won’t let you into the region. If you choose to stay at the Landfill, fight.


We are shown one of the rooms of the Drain. We hear an explosion, scavenger falls from above, another explosion occurs, and the character falls into the water. After Tiny Swimmer woke up, we can do anything! Kidding, you have to eat it first. note, that the cycle is several times shorter than before, hurry up. We grab what we have and sail to another place. The developers are already giving you the opportunity to refresh yourself with the Flower of Karma. Let's eat him too. Let's go to the first pass, and then everything is clear.

Master of the Spear

The Little Brave Wanderer stands at the Gate of Karma. Go ahead.
Using a couple of spears, we pierce several bats and go to the same place, where we started the Monk and Survivor campaign. We have no mouth, we wag our tails. We kill the creatures with the help of white needles from Violet’s tail and hibernate in the nearest shelter, in whichever way you want, sleep in this!
Interesting fact: he doesn't sleep at all, only draws, and karma increases.


The flower boy wakes up in the bitter cold. We climb up with the help of a flexible and sticky slug slime. We find the garbage man's corpse, we take a flashlight and apologize to him for this, We crunch four popcorns and leave.
It’s better not to go into hibernation without eating completely and without the flower of karma: do it right away while you have time! In one of the rooms where the shelter is located, we warm up completely and go get a flower and food..
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