Star Conflict: Guide to grinding

Guide how delete game farm game currencies in Star Conflict


Game currencies

Basis, base, default and other synonyms.

1. Galactic Standards, base for online games, donat currency, but not really.
The trading system is based on this currency, where players place crafting items, resources, with it you can buy premium ships, buy cases with tuning and coloring for ships, profile avatars, exchange for credits(more about them), Using this currency you can transfer experience from the ship to free, reset karma, nickname change, ridicule, purchasing resources in the marketplace(inside the game).

2. Loans, they are used in all basic actions of the game: Buying and upgrading guns, modules, ship repair(excluding premium ships), purchasing the ships themselves(the higher the level, the more credits required to purchase a ship, purchases and upgrades of modules), required for crafts in the workshop, ship crafts, exploring the booths in the Ellydium section.

3. Iridium, used in some studies, purchasing cases with resources, in organizations(to clan), when moving quickly through outer space.

4. Free experience is used when exploring the ship, to be more precise, when leveling up a ship in order to move on to purchasing the next one.

5. Xenochips, given when completing tasks, used during events(battle passes so to speak)


Resources, and what do they eat them with?

A small list of basic resources in the game and crafts associated with them.

1. Enriched single crystal: as well as Galactic standards are the basis of everything in the game, they are used in crafting almost everything in this game and you need a lot of them for them. Extraction methods are not particularly complicated, but still cause difficulties.

The first method of extraction and the easiest: completing tasks, a task appears daily 2 victories in team battles, where you can choose this type of resource as a reward.

The second method is more complicated: asteroid mining, very tedious task, they can be obtained from almost all asteroids, but accordingly, the worse the ore, the less chance. Next list of asteroids from which this ore can fall:
Poor asteroid
Asteroid (normal)
Buy for your betrothed and only (the biggest chance for a drop)

The third method is the most logical: buy on the marketplace for Galactic Standards.

Fourth method: when purchasing cases, containing ores for Iridium.

2. Xenocrystal: used in a narrow range of crafts, often in craft Ellydium ships, and their improvements. Extraction methods are almost the same as for single crystals.

The first way: completing tasks, in daily you can also select it as a reward.

Second way: buy xenocrystals on the trading platform.

Third way: when purchasing cases, containing ores for Iridium.

Xenocrystal cannot be obtained from asteroids or in outer space in general.

3. Marks of Excellence(not really ore but I’ll include it in this list): used for leveling up in PvE mode(attack and defense bonuses), for sale on the trading platform.
Methods of obtaining:

The first way: buy them on the marketplace for Galactic Standards.

Second way: receive them when completing missions in PvE mode(the higher the level you set at the beginning of the game, the more they will give you at the end of the game).

4. Mole ship detail – a component that is not used anywhere except for a single craft: Mole cabin. In turn, the cabin is used in crafting Mole itself – the most powerful asteroid farming machine in this game. If you want to start collecting for it, you will grow old faster than you can save up for two whole cabins, when one cabin is standing 750 details.
Extraction method: in asteroids in containers that fall out only if, if you perfectly mined an asteroid, and how to ideally mine will be in the following sections.

5. Vanadium: base ore used in crafting Metal blank, which is used in crafting other items. Cannot be sold raw, a blank is a ready-made item that can be used in crafting and selling.

5.1 Silicon: base ore used in crafting pure silicon, which is used in crafting other items. Cannot be sold raw, Pure silicon is a ready-made item that can be used in crafting and selling.

5.2 Graphite: also a basic ore that you will have in huge abundance, since it is the most commonly found ore in outer space. They are made from it Graphite plates, not sold raw, a blank is a ready-made item that can be used in crafting and selling.

5.3 Crystal Shard: base ore used in crafting Computing chip, which is used in crafting other items. Cannot be sold raw, The computing chip is a ready-made item that can be used in crafting and selling.

5.4 Osmium: base ore used in crafting Osmium crystal, which is used in crafting other items. Cannot be sold raw, Osmium crystal is a ready-made item that can be used in crafting and selling.

All ores from section 5 can be found in space, and buy their ready-made variations on the trading platform

Main method of farming

The main way to farm Credits

[/b][/How to make your nickname colorful and glowing][/i]
1. Introduction and preparation: to farm asteroid need a special ship(not, you can do without that ship for which you need to sell a kidney), to be more precise, a special barrel.
To start farming you need a Gauss gun:

To buy and install it any stormtrooper of any faction is needed (in flesh up to level 6, guns can be bought for credits, starting from level 7, Gauss guns must be obtained at a special location)
Once you have the required ship, install this gun and pump it to the maximum level, like the whole ship in principle, it's not very “credit-cost” Once you have completed all the necessary preparations, you can fly into outer space.

To open a map of outer space you need to click “To battle” – Map. You need to find and click on the label called “Ellydium Theta Station”(You can disembark at any other stations for free). As soon as you spawn you will see a large location, Markers will be displayed on the mini-map and on the interface. Basic tags such as: teleports and stations will not depend on the range of your vision in the ship, asteroids in turn need “expose” to see their mark, but they can be seen visually without a label, but it will be much more difficult than just flying and randomly “expose” asteroid. Afterwards on the portal get to the Landfill location, there are very few enemies and enough asteroids.

So you saw an asteroid, fly up to him, but keep your distance 1000 meters, if you unsuccessfully break an asteroid, it can remove your shields or simply explode completely.
You flew up to the asteroid and now the process itself begins: shoot your cannon at the asteroid, The gun has a charge function similar to the accumulation of ults when you hold down the shot button and we don’t use it! Let's do it like this: shoot at the asteroid spamming the shoot button as soon as you can, The gun has a set rate of fire thanks to which you can perfectly mine an asteroid simply by spamming shots at it as quickly as possible. The asteroid begins to glow with a bright glow, don't mind it. After your gun has overheated, the asteroid mining process will be completed and it will either fall apart after overheating or during firing. A lot of loot fell from an asteroid, fly up to him and press the C button to pick up the whole thing. To see the hold(inventory) press sh or I English, in your attack aircraft there will be 5 slots for things(in a scout ship 3 slots, in frigates 6 slots. For premium ships +2 slots in the hold).

Basic Requirements for Perfect Mining: do not shoot “ults”, don't miss the asteroid. These requirements are necessary to obtain the maximum amount of loot.
Mine asteroids as much as space allows you, then press escape and return to the hangar. It will show you how many resources you have extracted., and how much money did you receive in addition to the ore you mined?.
(Ores can fall from asteroids; when picked up, you can get money instead of ore, there are rich asteroids in gold color, having obtained which you are guaranteed to receive 1 million credits and other rare ores)

Other farming methods

Farm of Galactic Standards, Iridium, Credits, Free experience, PvE icons.

1. Farm standards through PvE badges: just complete missions and sell the resulting badges on the marketplace.

2. Participate in missions, quick battles, PvP mode and get up to 300k credits per battle(including premium license)

3. Every day you can complete a quick battle once, mission and PvP battle, and at the end of the round receive guaranteed Iridium. Iridium can be extracted from asteroids by knocking out a pre-mercury from an asteroid “Alien energy block” and other things(it will immediately tell you how much Iridium you can get)

4. Free experience can be farmed in the same way as credits, but be sure to do this on a premium ship(newcomers are given one) because they have a bonus to free experience.

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