Hearts of Iron IV: The bear in power or the new crazy ? (how to bring Wojtek to the crown)

It would seem that , Hoyka can no longer surprise anything , There is Stalin's madness , Taking over the world for Lux too . But even here the Swedes can surprise us, so today we’ll look at how to crown a bear


begining , kingdom building
It would seem that, why the hell do all this? ? Firstly, during this action you will receive the only secret achievement in Hoyka, and secondly, did you once look for meaning in hoik ? Here I am no so let's get started:
first thing first we need to bring the right monarch , and we need Anastasiya Romanova for tricks . But if you look at the thread a question appears

who is this woman of yours ?
Where is she ? Right , she is not , her thread is also secret and therefore hidden, but then what to do ? and we just skip everything 8 there are no candidates for the throne yet 9 since we won't see the event:

In the meantime, you are waiting for her, it is advisable to walk along the branches to agrarian reform , (after all, no one wants a citizen with peasants ?) and train agents in the USSR and create a colab , since we don’t need a long war. We also need to get to the modernization of artillery, this will come in handy at the end of our story, and we also need bonuses

There is no king, long live the queen!
so , you brought Anastasia ( or Anna Anderson ) and we received a branch of the Romanovs

What should we do now? ? everything is simple , have two chairs or form divisions, so that your army has more than 400k and then 600k to go through the focus branch and capture..annexation.. RETURN to their native harbor of Lithuania and Livonia or still the same but we make horses and transfer them to normal divisions , it's faster, but still there may not be enough equipment (but now you can buy it , long live capitalism)
And they don’t mind honestly

Then we make a knight move, we throw a spy at the Czech and improve relations with them , focusing on Slovenian requirements
while we are negotiating with the Czechs, we are preparing a war with the Hungarians . What for ? It's simple, we're looking for a simple method for war with herma

there is nothing complicated here because we just need to take Pech and Budapest , the main thing, so that the Czech would agree to give you Slovenia (and improving relations with them will help us )

Storm in Europe and march to the East
so , 39 year , we didn't break up ,the Czech Republic did not break us out, and the soldiers did not die without supplies in Hungary , this is already a success.
In honor of this, the German will give us a small gift but it’s better not to trust this artist because he will demand more . so we can give him a small gift (namely to blow up the railway in Danzig , cheap , but nice ) but we are moving forward
Now we will prepare for war with the council

we will make puppets for two pluses , The first is human resources. , we will need them more , secondly, the old trick of distracting the enemy with puppets , but if you are a pro MGR player then you can do it differently. Ditto 39 we need at least 60% percent of colabs . But you ask, what about Herma? ? and here everything is simple

We'll just give him Danzig, yes it hurts, but don't be sad , we will return it to him soon , after all, this is a temporary gift for his development
And here is the same gift for the German, but at the same time the gift is ready for the Georgian barbel

The troops are ready , Germans are howling with Africans
And we expect war from the council , why is that ? It's simple , The council's purges have just ended , military is not yet developed, and the council is preparing against Fin , but at the same time you can try to demand Silesia from the Germans in order to get a war against him
But something went wrong and for some reason the German gave up and gave us Silesia and the Artist now has a problem with Danzig (which will play a cruel joke on him, although even the game is shocked by this )
But the calm days are over because the council is ready to attack us

War and the new empire
It was very difficult , we tried our best , our wars fought valiantly for the empire, but something went wrong , these landings , and also the fact that there were more Soviet troops than us in dozens of countries and we had to go to the Vistula in the hope of a miracle ….
Yes, cold , jokes aside , as soon as the Council declares war, we need to start declaring war on Iran until no one guarantees it and the Council will take it into its alliance , So, what to do ?
Yes, we all just sit on the defensive and then hit the weak points and make cauldrons
and from 200 with some divisions we leave some 20-50
it could have been with less losses, but there is a result and that’s the main thing , because now we are the second empire , and in honor of this we will declare Slavic unity , and we’ll ask our agents to check the Lubyanka and the NKVD buildings , nothing bad will happen Hmm, it looks like we found traces, but he went to Italy, What to do ? Of course, we are going to the Ally, because their islands and Africa are pleasantly close to our pasta brothers , and as the landings prepare we declare war on the Axis
And here is that same German nightmare and mistake But the front with the Germans is not the only front , because there is a landing in which we found him so , we found a bear , after all, we need it for the only secret achievement in our favorite game, or maybe not

But at the same time our agents learned the terrible truth , The queen is not real , what do we do ?

There is an exit ,It’s not in vain that we found Wojtek , you ask, why is he ? Why not the Habsburgs? Why not Mihaly Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen? Why not even Pavel ? It's simple , they except Habsburg , but still it doesn’t suit us, not Poles , and Wojtek is the first from time immemorial (according to Swedish irons) The Polish king and now he faces the task of victory or death

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