Getting Started in Lethal Company

Basic information and tips, which will help you not to crash the game after an hour of gameplay, but, on the contrary, savor every moonshot.


Purpose of the game

You work for an unknown company. Your only task – take out garbage from complexes on the Moons and hand over all the scrap metal on your employer’s planet. Do you have a definite plan?, so-called quota – local currency amount, for which you must collect scrap metal for 3 of the day. When you were hired, you didn't read your contract well., so if the quota is not met – you are on your way to outer space, and then death and progress reset.


There is a terminal on your ship, who is responsible for:
1) flights to the moon
2) purchase of items
3) bestiary of the ebak complex
4) Moon scan, where you are
5) opening/closing sluice doors in the complex
6) watching your comrades

I will cover all these points little by little in the following sections..

Advice – it is not necessary to enter the name of the object/moon/any word in its entirety. If you want to buy a professional flashlight, then instead pro flashlight just write pro, instead of the name of the moon experimentation just write exp, and instead of confirmation of purchase instead confirm just write one letter c.


In the terminal with the command moons a list of moons is displayed.
To fly to the moon, you need to be in orbit. That is, you cannot enter Assuranse into the terminal while on Experimentation and fly to it. You need to press the lever first, fly away from the planet and only then enter the desired planet into the terminal.

The Company Building is the moon, where you have to sell all the collected garbage. Pay attention to the percentage next to the name – this is the bet, where all scrap metal is accepted. On the day the quota is paid, he always 100%, on other days as a rule 50-70%. If you read the lore, then you can find out from there, that sometimes the rate rises to 120%, but I haven't seen this before. However, It's better to check the percentages every day.

Experimentation – moon, suitable for starting the game. Run from the ship to the complex not far, and there is less trash on the street compared to other Moons. However, there is not much trash here, therefore, with an increase in the quota, you will be forced to fly to other Moons. Maximum, which we carried out – about 570.

Insurance – desert moon. Ebak a little more, a little more loot, the run to the complex is also a little longer. I would recommend alternating between it and Experimentation at the start.

Vow – Moon with forest. Distinctive feature from the first two Moons – after 3pm the Wise Tree appears on the street, which is quite hard to hide from. It – the only reason, why would I advise avoiding forest moons.

Offense и March – copies of Assuranse and Vow with minor differences. There's a lot to take away from here, but more difficult, than on previous Moons due to new tanks and the huge distance from the ship to the complex.

Pay attention to the words in brackets after the names of the Moons.
Flooded – there are quicksands on the moon;
Stormy – there's a storm on the moon, which will make it difficult for you to remove metal debris from the complex;
Foggy – fog on the moon, which significantly reduces visibility;
Eclipsed – Moon eclipse, ie. there will be more tanks and they will spawn earlier outside;
Rainy – it's raining on the moon. Remarkably, that the Moon of Experimentation begins to flood when it rains, and the rest of the moon is not. In this situation, it’s better not to go there, since it will be extremely difficult to take out the trash and there is a high risk of simply drowning under the weight of a pack of beer.


The store contains consumable items, ship improvements and just cosmetics.

Among the consumable items, I would highlight:
– torch
– professional flashlight (weighs more than a regular flashlight, but the light is brighter and the battery is better)
– walkie-talkie (indispensable in co-op play)
– shovel (can save the life of your blind friend, a headcrab cockroach sat on its head)
– stan-grenade (can slow down opponents, which cannot be killed with an ordinary shovel)
– boom box (it's just fun)
– inhaler (increases character's stamina and speed)
– jetpack (difficult to learn, but with the scheme “alone on the ship, the rest are in the complex” helps to quickly deliver necessary items to comrades in the complex and take small garbage to the ship)
– master key (usually, there are so many keys in the complex, how many closed doors does it have?. keys are everywhere, open doors instantly, the more they accumulate on the ship. the master key in turn opens the door 30 seconds, which is very long)
– stun gun (first of all he is expensive, secondly it doesn't kill, but just slows down the enemy, thirdly, the shocker charge is uncontrollable, ie. there is a chance that instead of fucking you will blast a charge into your standing comrade next to you, fourthly, when hit by a shock, your camera is carried away into the sky and you become disoriented)
– ladder (she's short, weighs a lot, and after being in an active state it simply collapses on its own. It’s hard to find a normal use for it)

Ship upgrades include a horn and teleport. Not sure about the usefulness of the beep, because that's the most he can do – distract street fucks, but at the same time they will go to the ship to bite the ass of the one who was buzzing – doubtful. Teleport – interesting thing, but it only works for that, who bought it. A button appears in the bow of the ship, when pressed, the owner of the button teleports directly to the ship. A plus – you can save your friend, who is in a stalemate, or teleport his corpse, so that the fine for his death would be less. Minus – a person teleports without items in his inventory. Generally, the thing is situational, but with proper communication useful.

I won’t talk much about cosmetics.. Have extra money – you can buy a toilet or a cool garland. Has no benefit, but it generates ruffles.

At the start you are given 60 currencies, this is 4 regular flashlight 4 human. However, keep in mind, that sometimes there are discounts in the store – I once, having just started the game, was able to afford 3 pro-flashlight and 2 walkie-talkies.

About discounts – each team member has their own.

When you order something from a store, A rocket with goods arrives on the moon within an hour.. You can order even while in orbit, the rocket will fly to that moon anyway, where you land.


Here I will write only about e-bucks, which are found on the first three planets, so as not to spoil the experience from 4 and 5 planets.

Birds on the street (Sons) – completely safe creatures, they just fly and that's it.

Hive – there are essentially two types. The first – who just fly in random places, they are safe, you can walk through them. Second – concentrate around the hive, more interesting with them. If you come close, then the bees will attack you and chase you for more meters 5, and then return to the hive. And their hive can also be sold for 120 currencies. One is distracting, the second one takes the hive, the third is on the ship and as soon as the hive is on deck – presses the lever. That, who took the hive, likely to die 90%, but it was worth it.

Red dicks on the street (Blind dogs) – appear on the street after about 5-6pm and just wander aimlessly. In the evening, it is better to take out the garbage from the complex on your haunches, so as not to make the sound of footsteps. If the dog does notice you, then she always makes a jerk first, ie. enough to step aside, and don't make noise. After the dash she will be in the hunting phase, but if you leave quietly, then there won't be any problems. It's easy to counter them, but don't forget, that the game is random. Here are some situations, that we have encountered:
– a dog comes inside the ship for fun and bites the team coordinator's ass;
– a funny dog ​​comes at you in a narrow space, in which there is no room to dodge a dash.
In some English guide I read that if you sit still, if the dog enters you, nothing will happen, like the main thing is not to make noise. I got fucked.

Underground worms – appear like dogs, after about 5-6pm. Tactics against them are simple: as soon as you hear, there's a worm underneath you – slowly walk forward and wait for the earthquake and particles of the earth. As soon as they appear – throw away all the burden and run forward, then you go back and pick it up, that they abandoned – the worm doesn't eat loot.
– if you were eaten by a worm, then in addition to your corpse he will devour that, what were you carrying;
– the worm will not attack you, if you are near any building;
– the worm is really dangerous, if there is also a dog walking next to you.
Worm bug:
Once I walked meters away from some building 5 and the worm attacked me, but he couldn't jump out, because the building was close enough. I was waiting for the particles of the earth, but they weren't there, there was only an earthquake. Moved away from the building, to deceive the worm, but the particles of the earth appeared literally for half a second and this bitch ate me, ie. The game didn't give me time to react.

Turrets – insidious things, especially dangerous on flights of stairs. View a certain area from an angle 90-180 degrees. You can go around/jump over, when she turned away. This is made even easier, if your coordinator on the ship suggests the required timing.
– when the turret hasn't noticed you yet, you can be at a level lower/higher than her and nothing will happen to you;
– when the turret noticed you, she will shoot at you even if you are a niche level/above her.

Mines – just don't hit your eyes and everything will be fine. She has no range, ie. detonates only if you stand on it.

Headcrab cockroach – hanging on the ceiling, and as soon as the player is under the headcrab – tries to jump on his head. If he failed to fall on his head – will haunt you, but after a while he will run away and sit in another place. If, after all, a headcrab sat on his head, then you have 10-15 seconds to push it with a shovel. If you just stand on a headcrab chasing you, then it will end up on your head. Able to climb screws. Safe, if a:
– you have a teammate on the ship and is monitoring the radar;
– your teammate next to you has a shovel;
– Before entering any room, you look up.
You can kill a headcrab without a shovel, it is enough to be close to the exit from the complex. As soon as the headcrab gets on your head, feel for the exit and leave the complex. When you enter again, the headcrab will be dead.

Locust-Luther (I call them chelik) – small cockroach, which is not initially aggressive. His goal – find loot and claim it for yourself. If he hasn't found the loot yet, then he will run around the complex and look for him, in this case he will simply bypass you. Once he found the loot, he will start protecting him, attempting to take loot is punishable by persecution, but he doesn't do much damage, Where 3-4 hit you can handle. Can be killed with a shovel.
– he also considers your friend's corpse to be loot, therefore, he can take and carry his teammate’s body to a secluded corner and protect it;
– It is best to take all found garbage immediately outside, and not leave it at the exit inside the complex, because people can take your loot for themselves;
– knows how to climb screws.

Lizard – not initially aggressive. She doesn't like your presence, when they shine a flashlight on her and walk threateningly towards her. As soon as she senses danger – starts to attack. Just don't mess with her. If you still climbed, then keep in mind, that she is very fast in a straight line, but stalls on turns. Able to climb screws

Spider – dangerous guy, if you have arachnophobia and topographic cretinism. Looks for a secluded place and decorates it with cobwebs. Once you are caught in the web – runs to eat your ass. Has two phases:
Passive phase – makes himself a corner and hides on the wall. If you pass him in this phase – this is yours;
Active phase – if he noticed you, then the persecution will begin, will try to drive you into a corner. However, you have a chance for 1 hit by him, but the second hit will be fatal.
– cannot jump from bridge to bridge on a beam;
– after your death he will drag you into his corner, will make a cocoon out of you, will sit in the passive phase and wait for your teammates;
– cobwebs can be broken with a shovel;
– knows how to open doors;
– knows how to climb screws.

Some kind of humanoid type – completely silent, one of the most dangerous mobs. Only then can you hear it, when he opens the doors. Tries to appear in that direction, where they don't look, ie. there is little chance against him alone. Usually, doesn't attack, if there are several of you. I'm not sure, but most likely he has 2 phases:
Passive – sniffs the victim, appears and scares, but doesn't attack.
Active – already sniffed the victim, runs up very quickly and one-shots, the corpse is carried into the corner and kills your teammates, to have your body taken away.
Smart enough, because his behavior is hard to predict. If the information slipped through, that it is in the complex – try not to walk alone.

Some kind of wide two-legged body (I call him a pseudo-giant) – he is completely deaf, but if I saw you – 80% that you are a corpse. The only tactic – stay out of his sight, when chasing, turn off the flashlight and hope for luck. Incredibly fast, 1 his hit is not fatal, but the second one will be applied quickly enough, do not doubt. Able to climb screws.

5meter scarecrow (I call it the wise tree) – lives only on the moons, where is the forest. Appears after 3pm, very sharp, fast enough, but cannot fit into tight spaces. The only tactic – enjoy the hilly terrain, avoid direct eye contact with him, hide and don't make noise. Its location can be determined by stomping on the floor of the map, but if he stomps quickly – it means you were noticed. Can't get into the ship.

It's all bullshit, which can live on the first three moons. When landing, pay attention to HAZARD LEVEL – there may be different ratings (C/D/B/A), it shows how many e-bucks will be on the card.

How to be a good coordinator

As soon as you get radios – leave one person on the ship. Firstly, he will be able to coordinate the actions of people in a complex and direct them to points of interest. Secondly, is he – guarantee, that you won't lose all the trash, which was collected.

What is important for a coordinator to know?:
1) On the monitor in the bow of the ship to the left of the display there is 2 buttons: first – switch (change team members), the second – off (turn off the monitor);
2) All garbage on the radar is marked with yellow triangles, direct teammates to them;
3) All tanks are displayed on the map as red dots, Moreover, the sizes of these points are different. Having gotten used to it, you can recognize a baka even without meeting your teammates face to face with her. Look more closely: if the spider is in the passive phase – its red dot will be slightly flattened, what if the headcrab is hanging on the ceiling?, then its red dot will be translucent;
4) Sluice doors can be opened and closed. To do this, enter the door number into the terminal (eg, j7, a3, r8, etc.);
5) Ideally, you need to master the jetpack, to quickly deliver the necessary items to teammates to the entrance to the complex and take small garbage to the ship without a critical loss of time;
6) You – not a rear rat, a puppeteer, who can watch while drinking tea, how your friends die and catch rofls from this.


Hopefully, this guide helped someone not crash the game. If you found something else interesting – add in the comments.
From Falq

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