Time Wasters: How to pass the test of the moon or rescue the fleet for 183 waves


We take Rosanova, Doc and Vermillion and their guns


During the rescue of the first ship, we stupidly stand in the middle and let the flock sort it out. If you want to do everything perfectly, then we take the gold from below first, pump up the magnet, and then the leftovers. We save the rest of the ships stupidly using skill, or more precisely, hiding in the saved ships.


By the time you entered the portal you should already have a super nova and a super field. If you have a lot of time, you can fly to different planets and paint them, but this does not play a special role. Everything is easy until the white ships appear, but still, it’s better not to rush your head at your enemies and don’t forget to hide among your allies. When white ships appear, we avoid them as much as possible, we try not to speed up and stay near the planets, the piercing nova will do all the work for us


From Tanya

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