SKIBIDI BACKROOMS: Achievements Guide v0.2

A small guide to achieving Skibidi Bakrumskam (this wonderful game).



Attention! The manual is current for the game version 0.2v and may be updated

This is my first tutorial like this, do not judge strictly Ode to Ephemerality.

We start in a location similar to Backrooms, The achievement immediately drops when you start the game, drops only to the host.

Our task will be to search 4 numbers and trying to escape from skibidists (By the way, so far there are only ordinary toilets here, no mutants from YouTube)

Finding numbers and opening the door

To get out of the first stage of the level, Need to find 4 numbers scattered around the location, each number has its own color which matches the color on the input panel.

It's enough to find 3 numbers, the rest can be picked up, there is no protection against selection here.

Each number can have its own spawn, one of them is behind the grated floor.

Also some more spawn options

( spawn in a dark corridor )

Introduce 4 numbers, if they are not true, then the panel will display error, if everything is correct the door will open. Numbers may be repeated, having different color.

( The door didn't open, the code is incorrect )

( Door opened, passage to the next stage )

Second stage of the level, After all this, it remains to finish off Commodus, who has half of his total HP

After we open the door, there will be a small labyrinth, after which we will find ourselves in a huge hall with the heads of skibidists, who will push us.

Only the last two skibidists are lethal, the rest are simply pushed down to a lower level.

After we pass this narrow strip there will be a staircase with the inscription Exit, we get into it and get the last achievement at the moment.

Fiji, bugs, jokes of the current version

In one of the parts of the location you can find a narrow crack, where will cameraman stand? ( this is not a player ), there is a passage to it. A number sometimes spawns not far from it.

Before the start of the lobby, players are in a closed part of the location with a football goal and a ball. Sometimes the ball has collision problems ( if you try to jump on it )

A wall with a transparent texture was discovered in one part of the level, you can run into it and it has a collision (located to the left of the large lonely hole in the large hall)

Achievement bug, got the same achievement 2 times

A small guide to defeating enemies, at the level there is 2 skater, they catch up with you in almost any case, despite the stamina. You can hide from them on the grated floor.

From $usually and CRY

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