Lethal Company: How to use the terminal and why you need it

What is it?
Why is this?
Like this?
And what do you eat it with??
Find out in this guide!!!


Why is it needed????

You need it to make a choice of where to fly on your shuttle., buy items, read the bestiary (encyclopedia of the creatures you found) the rest is basically not that important.

How to use it?

Looks pretty confusing, but it turns out everything is much simpler. It works on the principle of a real computer, you print everything you need in this or that section and that’s it!
(I will write what needs to be printed under each section)


there are several sections and let's go through the important ones:

*To move through them you need to enter them in the line without Caps Lock*


This section contains planets to which we can move, and our company’s station where you can sell everything you found in factories.
To move to the planet you want (Moon) you must enter its name in the line (without what is in brackets) The weather conditions on the planet are written in brackets.

Maybe someone has a question: “Where to sell found items?”
And they can be sold at a station called “ The company building To the right of the name is written the percentage of purchases of your items to date.

After you have typed the moon you need, a confirmation window pops up, CONFIRM or DENY (accept or refuse)
here you also need to type the word you need or just put the letter ” C or D”


This is a regular store with a lot of products.. On the right side is the price for the product.
To order something, you need to print the product name (you can also put a space and write the quantity) after this a confirmation window also appears “C or D” confirm (or refuse) and all, your order is on the way!

The most necessary thing you should order in my opinion is a flashlight. After entering the store page, enter the word flashlight “ Flashlight ” and confirm

Attention is very important!

To place an order you MUST be on any of the planets (Loon) or at our company's warehouse


Bestiary, here is an encyclopedia of the creatures you scanned

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