Stay out: How to farm money in Lyubech-1

In this guide, you will learn how in Lyubech it is very easy and fast to farm a lot of money for a newbie in Stay Out!


How to farm a lot of money?! to the point.
1. There is a character Chestnut in Lyubech, which is in the park (D-4 1) campfire. He gives out the task endlessly “Culinary experiment” after you give him a thousand. Take this task from him and run to the warehouse near the cops with TOZ-ohm to shoot dogs. Shot 12 heads – carried to Chestnut, closed the assignment – he will give you fried dog heads. BUT, here in Lyubech at the hucksters they stand 4.500 rub, and therefore go to the next point:
2. You need to get the opportunity to go to “Outskirts of Lyubech”. This is the next location after Lyubech. You can get a pass through the gate through the checkpoint, performing assignments in the commandant's office, but in my opinion it is much easier to make a reputation with the bandits:
2.1 There you are, for example, a completely newbie, just arrived from the first location, from the station “Lesnaya”, there will be a suspicious person at one of the exits from the station, need to talk to him, take the assignment from him, where you will need to take the parcel to the Stick to the commendation. Then you carry this parcel to the DK, because Stick will say that it is not for him… Generally, complete this quest, and then you go back to the recreation center, Sanyok Experienced will stand next to him. Perform a line of simple quests with him, and you can also complete quests at the Hatter, which is on the stage of the DK. They are uncomplicated, except for the quest from Sanka with Balamut, because there you have to run around all the garbage cans in Lyubech, but the task itself is not difficult, but it takes time to run. And in order to simplify it at times, you can just google this task and there will be a map with labels. Here is the link:
2.2 After you complete 3 task from baryg, The fence will give you a basement pass, through which you can run already in the vicinity of Lyubech.
3. And so, actually, what is farming. You make yourself a lot of fried dog heads, for example 11 pieces, taking from the chestnut tree in the park 11 once a dog head job (12PC). Here, you shot an hour of these dogs in the warehouse (it's best there, there are a lot of them spawning) and, having in inventory 11 parties (you can do it more, I just took the number as an example 11), run through the basement in the vicinity of Lyubech, where do you find any huckster, for example next – Gourmet (Square G10-2) and so, unlike the huckster Lyubech, local merchants are already buying these fried heads in 2 times more expensive, not on 4.500, and after 9.000 with kopecks rubles! So, we shot in an hour 11 such parties. 11х9.000 with kopecks + obviously you will kill something on the way, give him… the same meat… = 100.000 rubles, very good for a beginner. You can already buy a balaclava and walk like a bandos, or save a little more and buy such necessary things as a hunting knife, or SCS. I personally bought all the initial equipment for myself. What I advise you to do too. Earn this way at least for the first bulletproof vest, armored helmet; jacket, better pants and shoes, a lantern can be bought to make it much more convenient to loot around the apartments, if you didn't buy it in the 1st location. and SCS – this is generally already a normal weapon. By the way, I do not advise taking Mosinka. Her cartridges are expensive + overall she is so so. It just knocks a little further and better than TOZ, but it's better to immediately save up for something faster. Well in general, I'm talking about something else… There is a bulletin board at the station, there you can buy everything you want… I told you how to farm, and then decide for yourself where to spend this money. Something like that. Hope someone likes the way. Good luck, stalkers.

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