The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Cain becomes an artilleryman

After this guide, your one-eyed Cain will blast his enemies with cluster shells and burn everything he sees.. Your enemies will be shocked by such explosions(unless of course you blow yourself up, then they will just laugh at you).


First, as always, let's start from the beginning.

MOST YOU WILL FIT ALL DLS(because. combo below, possibly, it was introduced in turnips)
We will use the console. To enable it, do the following: find the Options file which is on the path C:\UsersИмя пользователяDocumentsMy GamesBinding of Isaac Repentance. Find the above file.
 Открываем его и находим строку EnableDebugConsole=0, меняем в строке "0" на "1" Сохраняем настройки. В самой игре нажимаем на "Ё", после чего консоль откроется.
Open it and find the line EnableDebugConsole = 0, change in line “0” on “1”
We save the settings. In the game itself, click on “Or”, after which the console will open.
And now you can touch the set of items itself.

A set of items and commands for issuing them

We take our one-eyed Cain and stuff such objects as:

Haemolacria : the basis of the basics, one of two things that is important in our development
Dr. Fetus : mmm explosions, the second thing that is important in our formation
I'm milk : imba .-.
Hot Bombs : I love the smell of napalm in the morning

Items that facilitate / complicate us a race
Items facilitating race

Spoon Bender/Sacred Hurt : very helpful, with this item you will be less homemade
Mysterious Liqud : there will be a lot of toxic puddles, and this results in decent damage
Bristone Bombs : Congratulations, you have a sulfur mesh
Pyromaniac or Ipecac: in theory, this is the most obvious, our bombs won't damage us, and pyro generally heal
It's already controversial, but Monstro’s Lung : THIS IS PURE THEORY, I DIDN'T TEST, but it sounds fun( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Items complicating race

Lachryphagy : interesting fact – at first it may seem to you that the combo is broken… but it is not so… shower of small bombs guaranteed
My Reflection : in common people “mirror”. Why, sounds like suicide king at max speed
Eye Sore : the launch of our shells will now not only be directly. In this case it is bad

Commands in the console
The commands will not be fully spelled out because. after some part of the name of the subject, the game understands what we are talking about

g home
g dr.
g am
g hot b

Item commands to facilitate the race

g spoon b или g sacre
g mysterious li
g brimstone b
g pyrom
and controversial g monstro's l

Commands for items that complicate the race

g laugh
g my r
g eye so


Gameplay video one floor at a time. Standard / with all facilitating(forgot to add brim bombs, but I'm too lazy to rewrite)/with all the complications / just with a light mosntro

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