Fallout 4: “Build your shelter!” (New Shelter Construction Guide 88)

Vault Construction Guide 88 (hideouts from the expansion “Vault-Tec Workshop”. It is useful chips, which will help in the construction and improvement of the shelter 88, its development and a little bit about its passage and achievements.



After that, how did i discover add-on for the game Fallout 4“Vault-Tec Workshop” I was delighted, since the new addition from Bethesda Softworks – it's always something new, quests, additions, characters, locations, things and a lot of emotions. But in the process of passing the add-on storyline, character “generally” the task is set – build and equip your shelter.

The purpose of this guide was to show you how you can build and then equip your shelter. (this way is not the only one), what are the useful features, secrets or just information. Since for me, during the passage of this add-on, there was a problem in joining and connecting sections of the shelter, looking for any things. And then I decided to write my guide about it., with the attachment of personal screenshots of what is happening. All this should help players build their shelter from scratch., without any problem. Since the guides, tips and tricks, aimed at this on the Internet and in Steam there are no, but full of companion guides and achievements.

My guide will write about, how to build and connect structures in a shelter 88, how you can get achievements and some useful chips (but no secrets).

Acquaintance with the refuge 88
If your level is higher 20, then you will receive an emergency message that, what's in the vault 88 there was an emergency. After you arrive there and deal with the raiders, who are trying to infiltrate the Vault, you will be met by a rather strange caretaker. Of all the inhabitants of the Vault 88 only she survived - true, turned into a ghoul. Moreover, the bombs fell before, how the work on the creation of the Vault was completed 88, and she 200 waited years, to finish building it. But this did not affect her loyalty to the Vault-Tec in any way - and she dreams of quickly conducting several experiments on unsuspecting residents..

This is where the main task of the Vault-Tec Workshop begins.. You are chatting with new residents, to find the perfect test subjects for sinister experiments. Then you will have to conduct a series of experiments., and the result of each of them will depend on the decisions you make. Will you become a benevolent leader or a cruel tyrant? Or maybe, neither, nor others?

Your choice of parameters for the experiment determines, what each experimental prototype will eventually become, so think carefully about your decisions. In any case, at the end of the experiment, a new object will appear in your workshop., and you can build it any minute.

Construction stages

As I pointed out earlier, in the process of passing the main line of quests from the DLS, GG is tasked with building and equipping a shelter, who wanted to build even before the start of the war (that is almost 200 years). But during the construction process, you can notice one feature, that parts are from different blocks, do not connect with each other. What to do? Very little is written about this on the Internet., or sent to the passage of the entire DLS, without explaining the basics and pictures.
The solution is simple (as indicated on the internet), but without clarity, it's hard to understand. So . . . after that, how did you build the floor for yourself (or as I decided for myself – in the atrium I will have a park with fruit trees and plants), you must select an element for construction – “atrium doorway”
Thereafter, select an element “doorway” from kits: “Living spaces”, “cafeteria” etc. I chose the caretaker's room, since I plan to give almost the entire 3rd floor to the caretaker's room. “doorway” from the caretaker's room to “doorway” atrium.
After that, like atrium doorways and “rooms” have joined, we remove or hide “doorway” atrium and you get a transition to the room (in my case the caretaker).
These actions can be performed with other rooms and premises..
That's basically it!)) As said, everything is simple. But there is no information about this on the Internet.. But now, I hope, it is there and it helped you.

Chips, features, bonuses from the game and some achievements

About chips, features, his achievements and secrets of the asylum 88 many tutorials and other information already written. Therefore, I will not dwell in detail., I will indicate the most interesting and important for the construction and arrangement of the shelter itself.

1. Probably the very first secret (or feature, call it what you want) It `s that, what's in the room, where is the head of the asylum guard – formerly human, and now a wild ghoul (at whose murder, falls out “Vault-tech control board”), rector “Volt-tech” on 150 energy. But it is not connected and so that there is electricity in the shelter, you need to send it through the wires to the rooms.

2. If you go through the second tunnel, leading to the Eastern Sector (oriental workshop) “Volt-tech”, then the swamp is the only source of water for the settlers of the shelter 88 - Water pump "Vault-Tek", power in water and puffing energy. After that, how do you activate the Eastern sector and its workshop, be sure to connect the pump to the generator. But the station has a peculiarity, the connection box is very high. Moreover, this pump is guarded by bogs, their kings and the womb of the swamps.

3. For unlocking all three sectors of the hideout 88, you can get the achievement Better Living Undergroud (Better life underground).

4. In addition, in each sector in workshop mode, look for concrete walls (limestone) and delete them. Behind them open passages to uranium mines and tunnels, which lead to a short or long way, back to the center of the hideout 88, open the lairs of monsters, etc..
As well as, walls, Limestone and Uranium deposits can be disassembled in Build Mode (workshop) and get “nuclear material” (if you take apart uranium deposits), receive “concrete” (if you take apart the limestone deposits).
5. In the shelter 88 you can resettle settlers from other settlements, and also install with shelter 88 supply lines.

6. There are three turns to Vault 88: main, through University Point Pharmacy
and through the Milton hospital.

7. The entrance to the shelter can be replaced with a new one (another).

8. Everyone probably knows about it. When clearing a hideout 88 many bodies of killed creatures remain in its premises and on its territory, which interfere with further construction and generally spoil the view in the shelter. But with a simple command (“disable”), which is entered through the console. For this, approach an unnecessary corpse of a creature or other person, by pressing the key “~” call the console command, select the corpse by pressing the key (at the same time its ID will appear) and enter the command – “disable”, press the key “Enter” and all, no corpse. This team is just visually hiding the corpse., but does not remove it completely, while the corpse does not interfere with construction.

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