Stellaris: achievements “Thus always to tyrants” and “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Blorg”

Achievements Easy Guide “Thus always to tyrants” and “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Blorg”.


Let's consider the points, what you need to get the achievement.

  • The Galactic Community must be created.
  • Later 20 years after its creation, a council must be elected.
  • The council must proclaim one of the empires as the Guardian.
  • The keeper is elected for a fixed term. Restrictions must be lifted from this period.
  • After that, the Guardian can put forward to a vote a resolution on the creation of the Imperium., and this resolution must be adopted.
  • We must revolt against the Imperium and win.
Completing the achievement
Since waiting for the AI ​​to be promoted to the Guardian post, and then also attempts to create the Imperium – pointless idea, we have to help him.

  • We create a skating rink for ~ 4-5 AI states. Desirable, so that among them there were no all-devouring swarms, exterminators and other genocides. (I gave it up, and from 6 two states turned out to be just such empires. I managed to win, but with more, absolutely unnecessary hemorrhoids. In addition, if there are too many such empires among AI, the galactic community may, in principle, not form, and you have to start all over again.) Turning off crises, extinct empires and the Great Khan. Naturally, put on "Iron Will", otherwise achievements will be disabled.
  • We play, normally. Building a galactic community, through 20 years we have been forming the Council. It includes three empires, including our (we are strong enough, to disperse your diplomatic weight, is not it?). One of these empires needs to be nominated for the title of Guardian, but AI won't do it. We go to the menu, keeping the game.
  • Creating a multiplayer game, while choosing the option “Load the game” and select our prepared save. We put a password and go into the game of one of the AI ​​empires, who are on the board (in multiplayer we can choose, who to play for).

    (there is already a formed Imperium, because. no earlier screenshot found)

    Putting up an AI candidate to vote for the Guardian role. We leave.

  • Autosave will be done for the AI ​​empire. So we load the save in multiplayer again and choose our own, home state. We leave, to overwrite the save.
  • Loading the save in a single (certainly possible in multiplayer, but I decided to play it safe), freaking out from that, what AI has done in our absence, after which, with all our might, we push through the vote in favor of the candidacy nominated by our own hands. After success, we exit again.
  • Loading the save game in multiplayer for the AI, who wears a proud (and absolutely undeserved) Guardian rank. Now we put up a resolution for the removal of restrictions from the term of the mandate (remind, it's necessary, to make it possible to proclaim the Imperium).
  • We repeat the procedure with the promotion of someone else's resolution, booting up again in a single for their state.
  • For the last time, we load in a cartoon for the AI ​​and put forward a resolution on the creation of the Imperium.
  • We load in a single for our state, rebuilding the economy after computer abuse, vote for the creation of the Imperium.

    (The caliph rejoices for an hour, thinking, that he is the main alpha here)

  • After a successful vote, we need to overthrow the Emperor. Before that, it is worth doing all the available espionage operations against the Imperium for achievement. “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Blorg”, except "Arm the privateers" (this operation is buggy and does not count as an achievement at the time of writing.).
  • In addition to standard operations, we will have access to two more – “Weaken the Empire's power” and “Ignite the spark of rebellion”.

    To unlock the opportunity to start a rebellion, we need to drop the level of power of the Imperium. To do this, send all available ambassadors (through the menu, where the galactic community used to be, you can also see the current level of power there) on the deterioration of the influence (analogue “deterioration of relations” ordinary empires). At the same time, we conduct a spy operation at least once on “undermining power”. To the moment, when the power indicator drops below 50, you will need to have a sufficient level of implementation (70) for the last operation - the uprising.

    (the power of the Imperium is completely undermined, everything is ready for war)

  • We rebuild fleets and armies in advance, since after the operation, a large-scale war will begin. As soon as we consider ourselves ready, launching an uprising.

    We get achievement “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Blorg”, raznosim Imperium (other, formerly member states, will help us).

    (the alignment in the galaxy at the beginning of the war, things are clearly going bad for the Imperium)

  • Most likely you will have to completely occupy all systems and planets. (I had to, since the warscor from the partial occupation of all systems was not enough). The emperor surrenders, The imperium dissolves, and we get achiv.

    (Emperor overthrown, we won)

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