Stellaris: Soviet Union

Soviet Union united the planet under communism!
Now the citizens of the Socialist Earth fly the glorious red flag into space.



I decided to create the Soviet Union, who nevertheless was able to unite the Earth under his command. After searching the Internet about the implementation of the Soviet Union in Stellaris, I came to the conclusion, that people have very different opinions.
Therefore, I present to you my version of the Soviet Union, which the, to my mind, as close to reality.


We take from the Principles:
Militarism– The USSR could always stand up for itself, and courage and discipline were an integral part of the Soviet army.

Authoritarianism– the leaders of the USSR were tough, leading their country to a brighter future (in their opinion), later became cult personalities.

Materialism– the soviet government rejected religion, relying on science and research that was well ahead of its time.

All other Principles do not suit us for one reason or another.

Form of government

Form of government, naturally, Dictatorship.

Civilian models

Civilian models:
Police state – The Soviet Union did not tolerate dissent and in every possible way suppressed it.

Warrior culture – cult of the Soviet warrior, who will bravely fight to the last drop of blood alive to this day.


Signs of Soviet citizens:


Honoring traditions



so, what did we do ...

From Skipper


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  1. Where is egalitarianism? Where is the sharing of hardships? You've got not a space Soviet Union, and an ordinary empire.

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