What is the difference between the spread, reduction and stabilization in World of Tanks?

When we talk about accuracy in tanks, this is not one characteristic, this includes three parameters at once – stabilization, spread and flattening. And each of them is responsible for, where the projectile will fly. But what is the difference and which of these parameters is best for pumping the tank, to make it more accurate? Let's figure it out today!



In simple words, this is the size of your circle of information at a distance 100 meters. For instance, the IS-7 has a spread 0,38, which means at a distance 100 meters, the projectile can deviate from the central marker by 0.38 m.

  • On distance 200 meters – 0,76.
  • 300 – 1,14 meters and so on!

And if you stand close to the gun, at a distance 0 meters, then the tank will be cast 0! Hopefully, understood the math)

The smaller the spread of the tank, the smaller its range of information. I think, have you noticed, that art has huge circles, compared to conventional tanks. All because of the scatter!


Hidden characteristic, available only to developers… But she is responsible for that, how much the spread circle will increase! I.e, turned the tower – the spread circle has increased, shot – increased even more…

The better the stabilization, the less your circle of information will increase in size.

Aim time

This is not the time, when your tank collapses, as many used to think. This time, when the circle of information decreases in 2,5 times! And real time, when the scatter circle is reduced to a minimum size somewhere in 1,5-3 times longer.

For instance, the IS-7 has a targeting time 2,72, but in reality it comes down to me 3,6 seconds (after the shot). But obviously, if you initially have a small scatter circle, then the mixing time will be less. So this parameter is not that important., compared to previous, and it is much more profitable to pump and put equipment on spread and stabilization!

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  1. Самая лудшая точность у немецкой пт 10 лвл около 0,25 метров короче можно попасть в люк с пол километра.

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