World of Tanks: The best premium tanks in 2021

They say, that tastes differ, but there are always heated debates around articles about top tanks. Someone crazy about “Goose”, while others are ready to fry it with apples at the point of their own heavy. There will be no subjective conclusions in this article.: you yourself without knowing it, have already made a selection of the best tanks. Every day the best cars in terms of damage done, the experience gained and silver are included in the official statistics this year.
IN 2021 new leaders emerged: some were nerfed, while others have improved characteristics. We'll see, which premas give the highest results! But it won't be fair to compare tanks 5 and 10 levels, therefore we offer a selection 5 best premiums in each “weight category”. We evaluate a combat vehicle by several parameters: profitability, damage done and then, how much a combat unit is running


The best prem tanks 10 level

Let's start with the top ten. It is these tanks that terrify opponents and wreak havoc on the battlefield.. Not surprising, that most of the vehicles with the highest statistics are heavy tanks, but there are those, what can compete with them:


AN OBJECT 279 EARLY - Soviet heavy weight brings about 1232 experience per battle, 60 200 silver, stacking 3 790 damage. The tank itself inflicts damage on opponents on average 3 411 units. It is a sturdy combat vehicle with reliable armor and a weapon., superior to analogues. Refers to premium, but that does not stop you from buying heavy in the store.

VK 72.01 (K)

VK 72.01 (K) - reliable German heavyweight holds the record for silver received: 69 000. As a bonus, the tank brings 1 246 experience, damaging in 4 055 units, танкуя 3 590 damage. The tank has good one-time damage, reliably armored hull and turret, excellent mobility for TT and small dimensions.


T95 / FV4201 CHIEFTAIN - UK Heavy does average damage in 3 429 units, taking over 2 050 enemy fire. It brings the car 61 300 silver and 1161 experience per battle. Heavy is distinguished by huge frontal armor, good engine power and high top speed, as well as great damage and a convenient weapon.


AN OBJECT 907 - another Soviet tank, truth, refers to medium combat vehicles. Tanks 1 570 damage, but it does - 3 015. Usually gets about 59 600 silver and 1 261 experience. CT has a low silhouette, powerful weapon with high precision, excellent rebound forehead.


AN OBJECT 260 - with the help of this heavy USSR, players get 1 206 experience and 55 100 silver for the battle. Average damage dealt - 3 071, and the resulting - 2 810. The advantages of the machine include its versatility., good armor, speed and effective weapon.

Top tanks in World of Tanks 8 level

With a selection of tops 9 level is not so simple: many combat vehicles are inferior in parameters to conventional tanks. There is a good technique, noteworthy: AE PHASE I, CHAR FUTUR 4, T 55A, AN OBJECT 777 OPTION II. But that's all, so let's go straight to the best cars 8 level:


CHIMERA: farms a UK medium tank for about 1 368 experience and 40 900 silver for the battle, besides, it deals damage in 2 103 units. Stanks at the same time 650. It's all about powerful one-time damage, good UHN, visibility and excellent penetration by projectiles.


SOMUA SM - on this heavy of France you can take out 83 600 silver and receive 1 412 experience. TT applies on 2 292 damage and takes 810. The heavy has dynamics, armor-piercing conventional shells, drum and excellent UVN.


BAT.-CHATILLON BOURRASQUE can farm too: ST France brings 76 300 silver for the battle and 1 222 experience. The tank does not like to tank - 10 units, but it damages well - 1 793. “Boris” is distinguished by the ability to disguise well and excellent dynamics. In skilled hands, a tank works wonders, what the statistics say.


M54 RENEGADE: on this heavy USA this year the players farm well: 84 600 silver and 1 389 experience. Tank inflicts on 2 211 damage and takes 1 230. The most notable part of the heavy is its most powerful weapon..


BISONTE C45 - with this Italian heavyweight, you can get on 84 600 silver and 1 403 experience. The tank packs good damage in 2 129 units and reflects 1 210. The car has excellent shielded armor., good UVN and no vulnerable commander's cupola.

Perfect tanks WoT 7 level

The lower the level, especially the variety of tanks in our selection. It's in “dozens” the cords are beating, and here you can pick up a good LT or tank destroyer:

  • TYPE 62

    - in lung Chinese “cockroach” many advantages: he gets 76 700 silver and 1 395 experience per battle, builds up 1 540 damage, inflicts - 1917. “Kitten” universal for different battle strategies: good overview, strength, penetration and rate of fire allow for high results.

  • IS-2M

    has excellent armor, high damage, good mobility and camouflage. This allows the vehicle to receive an average of 51 300 silver and 1 134 experience. The machine applies on 1 401 damage.

  • AMX 13 57 GF

    - The French LT farm is excellent in many respects thanks to the accurate drum-type cannon, high rate of fire, fast turret turn and low silhouette. Tank inflicts on 1 158 damage per battle, getting by 58 200 silver and 1 435 experience.

  • AT 15A

    - heavy tank destroyer of Great Britain accumulates huge damage per battle: 1 990 units. The machine does good damage in 1 425 units, getting by 55 200 silver, 1 239 experience. The installation has an accurate and rapid-fire weapon, durable armor and preferential level of battles.

  • E 25

    also the owner of the preferential level of battles. German tank destroyer is invisible when firing, she has good mobility, accurate and fast cannon and small silhouette. This allows the tank to apply across 1 492 damage per battle, getting 55 000 silver, 1 298 experience


The best premium tanks 6 level

Among the best tanks of this tier, the leaders are strong and dangerous premas.. These vehicles no longer take on a ton of damage and do not tank as actively, but they do a lot of damage because of which they go to the top:

  • SU-100Y

    - Soviet “Igoryok” farm well: with it you can take out 48 000 silver and 1 150 experience per battle. Tank destroyer inflicts on 1 355 units of damage to the enemy, due to the maximum damage at the level among installations. “Garage” has the most powerful one-time damage, strong, rams well and does not depend on the presence of gold shells.

  • KV-2 (Р)

    - unique in gameplay Soviet heavy heavy with great damage, durability and strong mask of the gun. The tank brings 41 800 silver, 1 186 experience, applying on average 1 293 damage.


    B leader in experience - 1 362. CT of Great Britain inflicts on 1 258 damage, bringing 46 100 silver. “Bromwell” maneuverable, with good accuracy, cannon penetration and rate of fire.

  • T-34-85M

    - tank, which does the most damage per battle: 1 404 units. Soviet ST has a good disguise, armored forehead, good armor penetration of the gun. This allows you to get the tank on 45 500 silver, 1 341 experience.

  • TYPE 64

    - another farm tank, which is light and represents the Chinese branch. LT applies on 1 048 damage per battle, getting 46 400 silver and 1 227 experience. The car receives such bonuses thanks to its excellent visibility., good speed and rate of fire.

It is worth saying a few words about the best cars according to statistics. 5 level. Premium tanks are strongly ahead in all respects. They have better damage, received bonuses. Regular tanks sadly lag behind, therefore, almost any prem will be better than the base combat vehicle. The best of the best this year so far are these tanks:

  • KPFW. V/IV;
  • KV-220-2;
  • T14;

The statistics are merciless. Can, sure, make allowances for that, that such tanks are played by more experienced players with PA days, that's why they have such high rates. But usually everything is simple: prema rule!

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