Sea of Thieves: An efficient way to farm gold

A guide that describes the most effective and fast enough way to farm gold during 2 the season.


💀 Introduction

With an exit 2 season, the developers have added new boxes to the trade union that you can buy and sell. At the beginning, how does it happen, this innovation was “imbov”, but after a day or two and with the release of a new hot fix, this method is a little balanced.

🌠 Tips & Tricks

Farm recommendations

  • Having a team from 3 players, including you. For sailing on the brig
  • Have the slightest idea of ​​the game
  • Be prepared for anything

First thing, as soon as we spawn we go to the skeleton which is a faction “Dead Man's Bones”. We need to find out, are there any emissaries of this company in our session. To find out, you can just look at the table where you take the emissary, there will be a boat, one, two, depending on the number of emissaries. If we see such – leaving the game, and create a new ship. It is necessary, to avoid possible hassles, because. on 5 the level of the Dead Man's Bones emissary, they will see all emissaries on the map. Therefore, they can accidentally swim on you., and sink, if you are not particularly prepared, or just new to this game.
I also recommend looking at the tables of other companies., perhaps in your session all players can be emissaries, and do some kind of farming. Try not to attack first, if you are not confident in your abilities, and especially if you play alone on a sloop.

Also, do not forget to pick up all the resources from the barrels before leaving the outpost.. For convenience, you can buy yourself a storage box. But it's expensive, so it's easier to do a couple of manual walks, and if you are more than 1 team player, then the case will move even faster.

👋🏻 Essence

We take the emissary of the trade union, at his representative at the pier. We approach the NPC, click on the first dialogue, then the second. And open the second page of the store. There we will see many boxes. We buy them all, then after a successful purchase we put it next to the representative, or take it to your ship / pier, to get them in the future with a harpoon. Convenient if you have several people in a team.

After purchasing resources, go to the next outpost, which is closer to you. The essence of the method is, to swim from one outpost to another, and constantly purchase such boxes. You need to create, “cycle” in which you will swim in a circle on all outposts. Be careful near the outpost “Morrow's Rock”, because. this zone contains islands with volcanoes, which can harm your ship badly enough.

So, you bought boxes, sailed to the next outpost from the original where you bought, what to do next?
We need to open a book, which is usually to the left of the trade union representative. And find in it the name of your outpost. First in the book, you will see 4 of choice, these will be regions, and each region has 2 outpost. Devil's Throat exception

For convenience, can use website[] to view the outpost, and quickly find out what you need at this outpost. (Where “-” – what to sell)
Important! Prices and items that are actively bought at the outpost change every week!

We take the box with the resource that is needed at the outpost to which you just sailed and sell. At first, the profit will not be so big, because. you still have not pumped the level of emissary. Beginning with 4 level, you will already receive 2x sales bonus.

Be careful, and before you swim to the outpost always try to inspect it. Since. there may be other players on it. If you don't want to get into a skirmish, you can wait on some nearby island, or just stop in place. As you like best.

That's the whole way of farming in this patch.. After the first circle, you will be selling at each outpost from about 5 to 8 resource boxes. At times, for 1 the box can be bailed out about 10.000 gold. If you get tired of doing such a trade, you can always sell all your boxes that you saved to the next outposts, and still get a profit for them, because. by that time you will already have 5 emissary level. After the end of the farm, don't forget to lower the emissary flag, To obtain 5.000 gold, and “free” faction experience.

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