Змеи в Sea Of Thieves

A guide on what snakes do and where to find.


Where to find snakes
Where snakes appear:
The shores of abundance:

  • Smuggler's Bay
  • Sandbank
  • Pirate palms
  • Lonely bay
  • lonely
  • Crescent
  • Lagoon of whispers
  • Pilgrim's shelter

Ancient islands:

  • Ridge of Discovery
  • The refuge of the outcast
  • Snake nest
  • Bending hollow
  • Old treasure
  • Saber sand
  • Devil's backbone

Wild lands:

  • Black Sand Atoll
  • Rogue Arch
  • Sunken grove
  • Last words
  • Curved masts
  • The backbone of the deceiver
  • Kraken drop

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