Northgard: Guide to the updated Lynx clan

Lynx clan guide for beginners!



Funny clan, a sea of ​​new gaming experience, after the update, the variations of the game for cats have become much more. This clan is most similar to the wolf clan, but after update, when playing you feel, that he became more protective, somewhat similar to a bear and a bull.
The clan is more military, than economic, but after the update and in protracted games it can drag, well, or rather, the trotting player drags.
This clan will suit those, who likes to microcontrol units, manages to press the buttons on time, clear tiles from wolves for an ally.
For what other clan can you control the old woman at the same time?, call her zoo, 2-me cats, 2-me by handfuls of archers, still have time to squeeze traps from relics.
The clan will show itself more strongly in either quick games, with super aggression, either in a protracted, where he will be able to use all the clan tokens.
I warn you: SEA TEXT
Describe the traditions, hunting board, and information, which can be read, just by starting the game for the lynx clan, i didn't, and moved on to the chips, peculiarities of the clan.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lynx, do not require iron, 100 food and 100 steamed gold
+can serve as scouts, free to clean tiles to allies
very fast reconnaissance, without taking away the work time of the villagers, every 4 minutes by 2 tile, and surprise reconnaissance and attack on the enemy is tough (a deer sits building an altar, improves, the lynx comes for 2 reconnaissance seconds, attacks – 2 tile, and if he gets to the town hall, the deer will not have time to build towers and barracks)
+fast lynxes and strong enough for harras they will hurt your workers at the border, will do “Kus” and run away, they won't let you get food by running in circles (and if there is a blizzard?)
+Arrows with increased running speed and high damage give opportunities for microcontrol, strong players will kill heroes, use “Hit and run”
+Together with the relic, the strongest clan in defense
+A clan can be super powerful in combat on one tile for 15-30 seconds (zoo, traps)
+we can receive for free 1 archer (after taking the legend) or drain sick wounded neutrals
+have their chips in the economy: +4 eating with a lynx, +3 wisdom from the head, -50% discount feasts, sale of skins (still not profitable), but in the late game will give a few hundred coins, free hunter grade, and the ability to place 2 hunters on any tile (bait 40 wood)
-Required 7-8 wolves around for a comfortable start. (2 wolf to improve on healing and 6 to improve on scouting by trotting or farming food).
-With head-on battles, without micro-control your archers will kill the same number of improved warriors (if they don't beat the lynx), or shield bearers
-It is difficult to enter with arrows on a tile at the borders of which there are warriors.
-In the middle of the game, standard clans (wolf, bear, goat) stronger and their army is more numerous, we have not pumped the speed of the shooters yet, didn't get the zoo, did not apnuli barracks, no relics.
-Not much money, we can’t like the krakens, deer, crows to hire by 12-16 warriors 3-4 times in a row, there were games when they filled up with numbers, not quality: lost 3 battles, but won 4 battle and war
-No military careers

Pumping legends

Generally in Northgard you can, take different traditions and under some circumstances almost every tradition can be beneficial.
But personally I play 3 builds, which I think are the strongest:

# 1 for quick aggression, stone and iron are not mine, or we attacked and demolished, either they did not have time and the economic opponent will win, for fairness I will say, that after the updates the game was slowed down, and it became easier to defend, now it's harder to ask for 15-20 %

# 2 three legends on the economy, further military build-up, but need 2 tiles with stone, and quick stone of wisdom, and a tile with deer, initially improving the tools, then buildings

No. 3 four legends on the economy, further military build-up, in general, it does not matter which tiles, though 1 stone tile, and lore on a tile with two valkyries.
2 shores, we take ships, if a 1 shore, then merchants. Improving buildings initially, then tools. In the middle of the game, if the lack of stone and iron, take the blessing of yord, if enough stones and iron have been mined, then freya, to get through the winter

Hunting upgrade

For a comfortable start, need to 8 wolves or 3 wolf(15 skins) and the bear (75 skins).
After update, every next improvement on the hunting board becomes much more expensive. As a result, by the time, when everyone is already fighting, you only have time to take 6-7 improvements.
And you need to immediately decide, will you take scouting for lynxes, great hunt. If you take, then your arrows will be on 10-15% run slower, shoot, and you already need to fight.
When I play with allies, I prefer to take reconnaissance and a big hunt, still need to clean the tiles 2-3 allies, and I'll open the map, lynxes still do not stand at the base and do not farm food(+4). It's more interesting to play.
In ffa or 1v1 game, I prefer to skip the exploration. I am in a hurry to get +4 food with a lynx and +3 wisdom from the old woman. Towards the end of the game, improved scouts will still open enemy town halls.
Should say, that the first level of tiles around the town hall and the 2nd level of tiles around the town hall should be scouted by ordinary scouts. They will do it quickly. And then the exploration will last for a long time, and the lynx does not make a difference the first tile from the town hall or the twentieth, reconnoitre quickly.


-Scout camp;
-Intelligence service 4-6 tiles;
-Decision-making, about choosing a build, development planning;
-Either taking a tile for 20 food, either waiting for the trotting of wolves;
-A villager builds a house on 50% appearances 6 the settler. With savings 80-85 gold is building a camp of warriors. At the end of the construction, you will almost have 100 food and 100 gold, to hire both lynxes at once, who run to clean the wolves, bears
-After Hiring Lynx Sawmill (do not rush to build buildings, except at home, for the influx of gold from +3 will go to +2 after construction 3 buildings), sending the sage (if there is enough food)
-Tile grip for 40 food
-2-th sawmill, if there is fish, if not, we save food
-we build either the 2nd sawmill closer to winter, or a fishing house (the main thing, to have enough food, to get through the winter
-depending on situations, build a 2-house, sailors, mine with either stone, either with iron
(Ideally, so that there is a lot of food by winter (120+) and that all the villagers either chop down the forest, swam in the sea, mined ore, scouted, there was not enough food, the villagers had to collect food in winter, which is ineffective
-at the end of winter, a building is being built for food (hunters, fields)
-some of the lumberjacks begin to get food with the onset of summer
– depending on the build, either a forge is built, improving tools( free when taking the tradition to the hunters), or buildings are being improved: town hall, food, sailors
when happiness goes to minus we arrange a feast for 100 food, it was for this that some of the lumberjacks were removed, to take a tile for 80 food and save up for a feast 100 food
– if everything was done well, on your take 6 legends, will be +3 happiness from balder or security
-improving the economy further
-after taking 200, you will receive a discount on feasts from 5% to 50% for hunting animals, got a discount 50% you can have a feast
-after taking 200 glory worth hiring an old lady, but with unsuccessful starting tiles, there will not be enough gold for everything, and you will need to choose what you need first of all:
1) old lady with +3 wisdom and the call of neutral beasts
2) improved building tools
3) altar (option for ffa, but still if you don't have 350 glory do not rush to build the altar, in 1x1 games, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 don't even think, the altar pays off for a year and a half, and your face will be broken in three to five months, hearing the altar)
-gradually improve the weapon for the shooters, improve shooting ranges, scout camp
-scouting and attacking or building relics.
-victory, either domination, either defending, victory by wisdom.

Features of combat

I advise you to immediately divide the control into groups:
1 lynx group;
2 group old lady;
3 group of half shooters;
4 group second half of shooters;
5 group of relics on traps.

Obviously, lynxes are going forward, old lady, 2 groups of shooters shoot from different parts of the tile. The enemy runs to beat one group of shooters, we run to her (+15% speed), the second group fires. If the enemy hits the trot, take a trot, most likely he will lose. If you are very good, you can even have time to point the arrows to the target, to be hit not at random, and focused the fire. If you are perfect, you will be able to manage to run away by each shooter separately, sometimes people let everything 10-18 warriors in pursuit of one shooter (and he runs =)) and runs away.
If you took 500 glory, then you release the zoo, who will help you in battle, or make the enemy run away. By the way, sometimes players focus on the old lady right away, not letting the zoo out, so she shouldn't go first. You know, that the enemy has control (scream, bull provocation, keep grandmother behind the arrows and if the enemy does not exactly dump for 2-4 seconds out of battle, letting out the zoo.

If you managed to pump the running speed of the archers, then the shield bearers are not so scary. I'm just playing 3 bunches of arrows running and shooting, defeated the bears. (glory to the renewal, shields are weak). The truth is needed, so that the bear does not guess to hire half of the shields and half of either warriors, or throwers, on such bears only from the rank 350 +. Then running will be more difficult..
Pure shield bearers can win, if we do not have an improvement in running speed or we cannot, do not want to manage groups of shooters separately.
Hardest to play against ax throwers. By default, they have more damage 1. And they can click our lynxes with two volleys, and the old lady too, nasty guys. So also other clans have a military career in +10% block, blood bath, area damage to throwers.

If the game has gone far, already 804-805. Then we will have one more trump card up our sleeve!
It is a relic of the lynx clan: traps.
Placed on their own or neutral tiles, every 5 minutes. Gave you 50 minutes of play, can expose 10 traps on 10 untie. As a rule, for the game you can successfully use 2-3 times.
It is worth noting, is it a bug, but if you decolonize a tile, set a trap there, the enemy captured the tile again, then you can use the trap even on a non-enemy tile!!! This is a surprise for the enemy.!!! =D
Basically, the enemy seeing the activation of the trap, just leave the tile and that's it.
But how does the trap of the enemy hold down, he doesn't want to go deep into the tile, he is afraid to attack our tiles and even take a fight on a neutral tile. Will be afraid to just go deep and demolish the tower.

If you have time you can put 3 traps (15 minutes of playing time). For example, the 1st on the border tile, 2-oh on the way to your tile, 3-th nearest tile, so as not to leave the traps so easily.

This is pure buzz, when you are exhausted after defeating one opponent in ffa. You come back, and the enemy attacks you in the back with 20 warriors, and you have no Oscorei, 10 shooters maximum, what will you give, still barely alive. Another cat was killed.
You let the enemy go, he went deep into the tile, breaks the tower and bam!!!! The trap slammed shut, he runs away, arrows are flying at him, he thinks, what is about to leave, but on the next tile there is immediately a new trap! He runs and still a trap. And from the formidable armies 20 warriors, not a single one remains. No relic can punish an aggressor like that.

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