Tiny Bunny: All options for the box

How and what is possible to hide in a box in Anton's room



It's not clear why, but I have collected all possible options, what Anton's box might look like, where did he hide his findings. Who knows, maybe it will influence the passage future parts?
The collection of all the options itself is not difficult., the main thing is to catch timing and endure creepy cut scenes every time.
Timings will have to be caught to stop rewinding, to take a screenshot of the box. If this is not necessary, this point can be neglected, if it is important for you to have confirmation of your achievement, then here is a hint, when to stop rewinding:


The first time you need to slow down for screenshots without a cassette, that is, having a police number and / or a glove. This moment comes at the end of the dialogue with mom after escaping from the dogs.. A guide to stop can be the moment mom leaves the frame – this is already the edge before going to Anton's room, where almost immediately there will be a scene with a box and it will be difficult to stop in time.

The second time, to receive a cassette, you will need to stop rewinding after closing the curtains in Olya's room, when she sleeps while there is a video recording on TV. By itself we should write it down first at the stage of selection at the TV. A benchmark can be switch the camera to the movie itself in full screen, but I advise you to just stop a second or two after the curtains are closed and click to the moment with the box.

the end

And all these shenanigans will be required, if you are the same perfectionist and consider it necessary to read all possible remarks, and they will be different every time. And that, if you collect any “set” items for the first time, then rewinding will stop by itself to show new lines, which can simplify the process of collecting a collection of screenshots.


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