Resident Evil Village: a guide to the best weapons and their improvements

Where to find all types of weapons and their upgrades in Resident Evil Village, where to look for the best guns

In each new part of Resident Evil, the protagonist can get new weapons. Some barrels can be found as you progress through the story, others will be available at the merchant's shop. Almost all weapons in Resident Evil Village are upgradeable. In this guide, we will cover, where to find and how to acquire the best guns and their upgrades.


Knife / LEMI pistol

You will find the first weapon in one of the houses of the old city.. This house is opposite a locked gate with the note “Locked, the owner is absent ". Enter the house and inspect the table, to find a knife. At this point, the front door will be littered with trash from the outside.. Find a small room, in which the old man is hiding. While watching the cut-scene, the man will give you the gun..

Muzzle brake LEMI: Increases the firepower of weapons. Found in a drawer in the kitchen, after the battle with Lady Dimitrescu's first daughter.
Large LEMI store: Increases weapon ammo. Available from the merchant when exploring Dimitrescu Castle (9000 lei).

Shotgun M1897

Immediately after, how will you meet the first werewolf, inspect a two-story house with a basement. Pick up a gun on the second floor, which is on the table.

Sensitive trigger M1897: Significantly increases rate of fire. It becomes available in the Duke's shop immediately after finding the weapon.

F2 sniper rifle

This weapon can be found while exploring Dimitrescu Castle, after that, how to solve a puzzle in a tailor shop. The room will become available in the annex with the library.

Big store (rifle F2): Increases ammunition. Located in the home of the violin maker. To open this house, you need to go through the chapter with the Bineviento mansion and find the key of the violin maker in the garden.
Cheek rest (rifle F2): Reduces jitter when aiming. It becomes available for purchase in the Duke's shop immediately after finding the weapon.
Optical sight (rifle F2): Simplifies aiming from afar. Becomes available for purchase at the merchant's shop after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.

M1911 pistol

Having dealt with the vampire and her daughters, you will find yourself in the old city again. A merchant named Duke invites you to visit the house with a red pipe. To get to him, you need to find the handle from the jack and lift the broken tractor. While searching for the jack handle, you will find a locked safe. Use the combination "070408", to open it and pick up a gun.


Large Magazine M1911: Increases ammunition. Can be found in one of the previously flooded houses, before the battle with Moro.
Improved handle M1911: Significantly reduces recoil. It becomes available in the Duke's shop immediately after finding the weapon.

Shotgun W870 TAC

Visit the Beneviento house, take the flask with part of the Rose and leave the mansion. In the garden in front of the Beneviento house you will find several buildings, one of which contains this gun.

Improved butt (W870 TAC): Significantly reduces recoil. It becomes available for purchase in the Duke's shop immediately after finding the weapon.
Forend (W870 TAC): After fighting Moro, return to the ritual site and use the crank., to lower the wooden bridge. Take the boat down the map and find an upgrade cave.

Revolver M1851 "Fighter"

After fighting Moro in a flooded village, you will receive the "Handle" story item. With it, you can access Moro's laboratory., what's not far from the mill. There are several buildings on the territory of the laboratory, in one of which you will find a revolver.

Drum (M1851 "Wrestler"): Increases ammunition. It becomes available in the merchant's shop immediately after finding a weapon.
Long barrel (M1851 "Wrestler"): Increases firepower. Can be found in the operating room, on the ground floor of the Heisenberg factory, after that, how do you activate the power supply.

Pistol V61 Custom

Becomes available for purchase at the Duke's Shop in the Heisenberg Factory. You can also purchase several improvements to it..

Example (V61 Custom): Significantly reduces recoil.
Long barrel (V61 Custom): Significantly increases weapon firepower.

Shotgun SYG-12

Will become available at the merchant's shop during the second level of the Heisenberg Factory. From this moment on, you can purchase the only upgrade for this weapon..

Collimator sight (SYG-12): Increases firepower and rate of fire.

GM grenade launcher 79

The grenade launcher lies in a locked room near the red gate in the village.. You can get there after Moro Dam, before you go to pass the Heisenberg trials. Signed key needed. There are no upgrades for this weapon..

Samurai Blade - AW Model-01

Available as part of a field kit, which can be obtained for pre-order or in the extended edition of the game. Has no upgrades and improvements.

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