Mass Effect ™ Legendary Edition: Launcher works, but games won't start

Topics, who was not helped by renaming the username in Windows 10.
You need to do the following.
1. Run “Control Panel”.
2. Select item “Clock and Region” -> “Regional standards”.
3. A window will appear, in which there will be two tabs at the top – “Format” and “Additionally”.
4. Selecting a tab “Additionally”.
5. We choose “Change system language”.
6. A window will open, which will contain information “Current system language”. You have chosen “Russian (Russia)”, do not touch these parameters, just tick the box below: “Beta version: Use Unicode (UTF-8) to support the language worldwide” and press “OK”.
7. System ask to reboot, agree. After the restart, the games will be available.

From Comrade_TTV

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