Subnautica Below Zero: Margaret Maida

In this guide, I will explain about the side effects with Margaret Maida..


Table of contents.

1) What kind of Margaret Maida?
2) How to meet Margaret?
3) Side effects with her.
4) the end.

What kind of margaret made?

All this refers us to the first part., where Margaret Maida flew aboard the ship “Degas”, which by “unknown”(was hit by the Quarantine Security Platform) circumstances crashed on 4546B. The PDA from the first part of the game said that she died in a fight with the reaper Leviathan, however his head is at her house, on the wall. She also tamed a snow stalker., and hung unknown bone remains on her CRAB suit.

How to meet Margaret?

On an island with a Delta base, by plot. When you go up to the base, then Margaret will jump on top of you, in your suit. When you come to the island, she will give a warning, that you shouldn't climb here.

Side-by-side with Margaret Maida.

Immediately after jumping off on you margaret, the timer starts, after which its last coordinates will be added to your PDA, however, once you arrive there, don't swim down, look around, find the cave that leads to its base. As soon as you climb to her base, go to the living area, immediately after entering you will be attacked by her snow stalker, and won't let you into the next room, however, do not rush to leave, scan the Forced Test Module. Then explore the wreckage Mercury II[], and scan the Parallel Processing Node there, immediately after that go to the manufacturer, craft a Forced Test Module. Or test mode. Then return to Delta, and stick it in the tower, and on the panel click on the button. Then she will say move east of you, to her greenhouse. The greenhouse is located at the coordinates 1000 30 -873, open via F1. On the island. Go to the greenhouse, and as soon as you fill it up, return to the base, and scan the furniture.

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