Subnautica Below Zero: How to Kill Leviathans

The name speaks for itself.


The only normal way that the developers left us

First you need a crab costume, required hand-grip for him, Hand-drill (you can use your normal hand but it is worse), also recommend improving the crab jetpack.

Of the things you need: energy cells, food / water, repair tool, reinforced diver suit, flippers, glider (specifically the last two are needed for, to fade if something goes wrong.)

1.When you see a leviathan, cling to it and start drilling it.
2.When the crab has little strength and when the leviathan sailed away, make a crab.
3.Basically, that's all you need to know..

Risky and Long Way

You need a sailor

Of the things you need: repair tool, food / water, energy cells, glider, flippers, reinforced diver suit.

1. ram the leviathan
2. make a sailor when the leviathan sailed away
3. The method is quite risky, I do not recommend him, but you can use.

From 3eyc

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