In this guide, you will learn which skills are the best to farm blood points in DeadByDaylight.. In the future, blood points can be spent on pumping a survivor / killer.



Hello everyone! I think all DeadByDaylight players need blood points to level up their character. But not everyone knows how easy it is to get them.. Today you will learn about skills, which will help you get the most blood points in one game. Happy viewing!

BBQ and Chile.

1) BBQ and Chile.

Close connection with the Essence grants you the ability to read auras. After that, how do you hang a survivor on a hook, the auras of the rest of the survivors are revealed to you on 4 sec., if they are in more than 40 m from the hook.

Everytime, when the survivor is hanged for the first time, You get 25% cumulative bonus to all blood points up to 100%
Bonus Blood Points are awarded after the match.

Sowing fear.

2) Sowing fear..

Your terrifying energy spreads over unnaturally long distances. The radius of your terror is increased by 26%. You get on 100% more blood points for actions in the stealth category.

Beast of prey.

3) Beast of prey..

Your lust for killing is so strong, which for a short time overshadows even the connection with the Essence, and your actions become completely unpredictable.
When you get Level 1 Bloodlust, the effect starts to affect you “Stealth”. The effect disappears, when you lose bloodlust.

You get on 50% more blood points in the category “Hunting”.

Spoilage: Hunting passion.

4) Spoilage: Hunting passion..

Spoilage, drawing strength in hope. Survivors' False Hope excites you and empowers your totems. You get a totem for every Dim Totem and Corruption Totem on the map.

For each token you receive on 10% more blood points for actions in the category “Hunting”.
Survivors' Totem Cleansing Speed ​​is reduced by 7% for each token.
You will receive a notification, when the survivor begins to cleanse the corruption totem.
Corruption works, until the corresponding totem is destroyed.

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