Subnautica Below Zero: Interactive map

In this guide, you will learn how to install an interactive map on Subnautica: Below Zero, and also what functional features does it have.



  1. First, you will need to put QModManager (A / U for mods on the system QMods):
    • We pass on linkand log in to the site (it needs to be done, to make the download available to the user);
    • In the first section, download EXE file with our installer, by clicking on the button “MANUAL DOWNLOAD”;
    • Next, open the downloaded executable and go through the intuitive installation steps. Settler (IMPORTANT! if you have already installed QModManager, but older version, make sure to update it to prevent file conflicts).
  2. Now let's start installing the most cards:
    • We pass on this link;
    • In the first section, download the archive with our installer, by clicking on the button “MANUAL DOWNLOAD”;
    • Next, you need the contents of the archive (folder SubnauticaMap_BZ) unpack along the way \SteamsteamappscommonSubnauticaZeroQModsSubnauticaMap_BZ


basic information

  • The map is obscured by fog (Disabled in settings).
  • The map is opened using the key M. Ping Manager is opened with the key N. Hide icons with key H.
  • Displays signals, position, direction and coordinates of the player.
  • Signals are driven by the left (show / hide) and right (change color) mouse click.
  • Remote terrain scanning By the scanning room middle mouse button (works at a limited distance).
  • Tracked icons (heating area).
  • Several types and levels of cards (topographic, biomes).
  • Options are found in the active game menu.
  • Use CTRL + LBM on the map, to create a note.
  • To display the player's direction on the map, you must wear a compass.
  • To control the scanning room from a distance, you need to wear Scanning room interface chip.


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