Resident Evil Village: Collection of theories and facts about the PE8 plot

This guide – answer to many FAQs, which appear if a) do not follow the game and notes closely, b) do not know the inside of the PE universe.
Also, much that has been said here is subjective theories., plying the community. However, I have included only those conclusions, which clearly do not contradict the lore of the games in the series and correspond to the logic of the narrative.





so, we are ethan, we live in a small house in Eastern Europe.
– There is a wine rack in the kitchen, produced by the house of Dimitrescu.
– “A woman” prepares a traditional stew, which we can only try with Duke (Duke).
– In the House, as in the whole game, many images of owls, for now, just remember this.
– YG will be driven by car past the village of Dee.
– Mia – mother of the child.

Reasonable conclusions:

– GG lives in relative proximity to the village, I would assume that within the radius 100-200 kilometers – by the standards of Eastern Europe – not close, but not far enough, to change the set of traditional food. Also, this seems to be an adequate distance for transporting the GG by road – 300 – 400 kilometers is the approximate distance between most of the airports in this region, which means that such a trip will be.
– We know that Dee's house made money by selling wine., which means it is on the table and the traditional cuisine does not raise questions from the GG and DO NOT HINK THE PERSONALITY OF MI. This also includes the cheburashka, which is just a popular local doll.
– Apparently Miranda replaced Mia a couple of weeks after giving birth. – maybe it wasn't Mia who took the tests anymore, so Chris suspected something was wrong.

Village part 1

So we arrived in Tmutarakan 4. Alas, closed village, atomic lobbyists have done something, KGB is sleeping, and we should clean up. There are many not obvious moments in this location., worth discussing.


– Werewolves kill crows.
– Werewolves kill the locals.
– Miranda kills residents.
– Old woman-miranda tryndit with GG.
– The peasant becomes a werewolf.
– We are not being finished off.

Conclusions and speculations
– Crows. We know, that the mother infected / created the local crows and they – her eyes and ears. Usually undead do not attack each other. We also know, that Heisenberg is planning a coup. Output – werewolves ordered to hunt crows, apparently to blind mother. As an excuse – the werewolf hunger was mentioned more than once.
– Genocide of peasants. We know, that they are ALL infected, and here is the first problem – dont clear, who is their patron. I would guess, that Heisenberg began to implement his plan, as soon as I found out about Rose, and the return of Mother only became a catalyst. As a result, we see, how is it “people” finish clearing the village of Miranda's children.
– Werewolf dad. It is absolutely not clear, why did he start to mutate sharply, why did he attack the peasants, etc., etc., suppose just for the sake of drama and epic in the demo.
– Why are we spared? Apparently the bighead has a connection with Heisenberg and reports to him about a strong stranger, and he decides to play us in the dark. Hence the messengers on horseback – apparently they brought an order not to touch us yet.
– Why doesn't Mother touch us, helps us and kills the peasant? Apparently the reason for everything – the above events. Most likely, long absence from the village, with the carved crows and local residents, she lost control of events and, most likely, was deceived by Heisenberg – “Rebellion, heresy, etc., etc., in general, I finished off the peasants.” This is confirmed by the fact, that when meeting with 4, mother is clearly unhappy with everyone, except for haise. Also, apparently she begins to guess about the essence of GG noticing him after the accident, and coming to the conclusion, that it can come in handy as a plan “b”, decides not to kill him on the move. At the same time, maybe he will kill the rioters.

Dee Castle.

Sufficiently developed location, without visible logical problems and undisclosed lore. The only important point, which can be skipped – Duke. More precisely then, that he is allowed to trade in the castle, he is not touched, he knows Dee personally and is not afraid of her at all.

Annabelle's doll house.

The strangest segment of the game, However, here are some facts.

– Benevito planted the whole garden with hallucinogenic flowers.
– Benevito – autistic / imbecile (literally, she has a diagnosis).
– Benevito knows how to inspire people with certain thoughts, send trouble.
– The doll is essentially – parasite-symbiont Benevito.


I suppose, what a) there was no overgrown baby, it's just our trip. b) Considering the boss's whack – not sure, that we killed her, or even – generally saw.

Unanswered questions:

– What for this segment is generally needed?
– What for Mother needs Benevito?
– How Kadu works, protruding outside the body?
– Why his death killed Benevito?

Dr. Moreau Island

Firstly, hybrid of human and fish, as well as a combination of profession and name are references to the works of classics – ichthyandr and Dr. Moreau's Island. Moreover, the experiments of a local villain also refer us to the latter..

Secondly, facts:

– There was a hospital on the site of the lake.
– Doctor implanted Kadu in patients.
– A dam system was built to protect the settlement from spring floods, however, she did not provide electricity to the settlement. The energy came from wind turbines.


– It is not known for certain, current Moro – this is a doctor who experimented with Kadu and stuck it in himself, or is it his patient, who killed the creator and took his place. I personally tend to think that, that this is the doctor's son from the notes, on which the father conducted a series of experiments.
– The hospital was flooded after the Moro mutation, however it is not clear – on purpose or because of the latter's indifference. Also not entirely clear – Moro's psyche degraded to the state of the psyche of a child, or he was a child-experimental of Dr. Moreau.
– Moreau helps Hayes, however that, obviously, uses Moreau in the dark.
– Windmills, apparently, also erected Hise.

Plagiarism army.

So the last chapter. Let's start with the elephant in the room. The whole factory – this is a HUGE copy-paste from the movie 2013 of the year “army of frankenstein”. And that, its author has already accused kapkom with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ inga. By the way, the film is very good, recommend for viewing to horror lovers. Also, since ALMOST ALL scenes, stages of storytelling, tense moments and scrimmers copied from the picture, like the design of ALL monsters, including both bosses, then I will not talk about their hidden meanings and other crap. However, I am pleased to, that I can bang Mosquito and Zombot # 3…


– The name Heisenberg is a clear reference to a German physicist., the holder of the Nobel Prize and a very odious personality in general.
– He wears German tokens on a chain.
– The junkyard is full of military equipment from the end of WWII.

– It is not clear when he was born and how old he is.. He is clearly older than his real namesake., however, in the world of PE, Hise clearly found at least World War II.
– My theory – he was the last to get to Mother, apparently in the early 30s, the last of the lords, and despite the infection was sent to the front during the Second World War. There he got tokens, mental disorder and love of death machines. Returning from the war and once again falling under the control of the Mother, he hated her. Apparently, abandoned / knocked-out equipment remained on the territory of the village., and on its base he began to put together an army for himself, plant and condition.
– Another theory, that he served in general in the first world – German tokens have not changed since then – making it the oldest of 4.

Unanswered questions:
– Where did he get the money for a giant factory? (Answer: from the German government, see movie)
– Where does he get the electricity, to fuel such a huge production?
– Where did he get thousands of bodies???
– How he built it all in secret?????
– Why was he waiting for the ritual?????????
– Nakoy him gg?????????
– And a bunch of questions, Something like that, why his factory was shut down before Ethan came? (because, what are you watching a movie) That we will leave unanswered.

General theories

So the latest theories and facts.
– Duke is a member of the fifth house – owl house. What is this house, why is he needed and so on – not known. But, he has a title, there is a carpet in his carriage with the same owl, which is on the books, paintings, decor and stuff throughout the game. He is also apparently not human., and has the ability to enter premises, where should he, with its dimensions it is not physically possible to get into.
– Duke knew, what gg will come to life, and picked up his body.
– The silhouette at the end of the game belongs to the gg model.
– Ethan acted like a clinical ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, because he has sawdust in his head in the literal sense.

Unanswered questions:
– Why Mia is alive?
– Why was Miya not arrested?, not tried and released?
– Did Mia know about her mother before the events of 8?
– Isn't Miya the one, who was responsible for the communication between the Mother and the Messengers?
– Why wasn't she arrested again?, and Chris is even glad to her?
– Why Miranda's Plan Failed?
– Who did we save – Rose or Eve?
– Who is Duke and how does he know everything?

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