NARUTO TO BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER: Answers to questions and little details

Although I haven't played a thousand hours, and did not achieve S1 in the rating, but decided to support the Russian-speaking community with this buggy great game, and also hope that some really experienced players will write their guides, to enlighten everyone with your wise radiance.


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If you want to know the combo of any weapon, then you should go to the English Wiki for this game, since there is no Russian.
Here is the link:
Also on it you can find out the description of techniques and characters..

To find a movelist of the weapon you need, it is necessary:
1. Go to tab Weapon(Weapon).
2. Choose the weapon that interests you.
3. Scroll down to word See Also(see also).
4. And choose “*weapon name * / Move List”.

Alternative way:
1. Find the magnifying glass icon with the word in the upper right corner Search(Search)
2. In the search field that opens, enter “*Weapon name * Move List”
3. Choosing the option you want
3.1. If the desired option is not available, then look at the description of the dropped search results, and choose among them.

I would also like to recommend the channel “TheDrago_play”
On this channel, you can quickly and without water learn about new updates to the game / store / rating, the announcement of the characters and about the characters themselves.

Class Notes

The game features 4 class:

  • Attack – Features mobile techniques and longer combos, also has average amount of health.
  • Distant battle – Differs in long-range techniques and can throw kunai using heavy attack, also has small amount of health.
  • Protection – Differs in the presence of protective and auxiliary techniques, as well as its low speed, and has big amount of health.
  • Support – Differs in that, which has healing and auxiliary techniques, using a heavy attack can penetrate the block of opponents, also has average amount of health.

Playing as any of the classes, since the time you will be able to unlock equipment and ninja techniques available only to this class:

  • Attack – For a long game in this class, you can get: Paralyzing kunai like ninja gear, paralyzes the target for a moment on hit, which is enough to continue the combo; The appeal: Great snake Summons a snake that deals very high damage to enemies in melee, can punch a block; Rayton: Lariat when using the ninja, it dashes forward, dealing damage and strongly knocking back enemies that are under attack; Rayton: Chakra Mode when used, it significantly increases defense and speed(also attack speed), also makes Knock Immune.
  • distant battle – For a long game in this class, you can get: Shuriken “Demonic Wind”, shuriken, when it hits the enemy, knocks it over and inflicts up to 10 blows, also has a weak homing; Rayton: City of shurikens creates lightning that paralyzes the enemy, damages him, and also reduces attack power; The appeal: Salamanders summons a salamander that poisons enemies, and blocks the use of techniques; Anton: Thirst – Flame of Amaterasu – activates Susanoo which gives invulnerability and also shoots Amaterasu arrows at nearby enemies, causing great damage.
  • Protection – For a long game in this class, you can get:
    Explosive bomb, throws a bomb that explodes on contact with opponents, pushing it away and damaging; The appeal: Frog summons a toad, which splashes water shells, on hit, reduces attack power and knocks back the target; 8 trigrams, change of palms when using a ninja, takes a protective stance, and when receiving damage, counterattacks, dealing significant damage and knocking back the enemy, can protect against some ultimates; Suiton: Water prison all enemies within the radius of the ability, falls into a water prison immobilizing them, weakening the defense, and doing some damage.
  • Support – For a long game in this class, you can get: Seal sign, on hit, reduces the recovery speed of enemy techniques, and slows it down; Heavy Rock Jutsu, when used, dashes towards an enemy and deals a strong blow, punching the opponent's block, slowing it down and lowering its defenses; The appeal: Snails summons a snail, which restores health, nearby allies and removes negative effects, enemies entering the snail zone, gains damage reduction from their attacks; Technics: Insect clutter, when using enemies, it is enveloped in a swarm of insects, obstructing visibility, as well as reducing the strength and defense of the enemy.

Notes on game modes

The game features 4 PVP mode:

  • Barrier fights – One team protects 2 monolith, if they fail and the opposing team can lift both monoliths, then the protective barrier from Gamabunta will fall, and the attackers will be able to damage him, as soon as they take half of his health, the barrier will reappear and the monoliths will descend, also after that, the attacking team will have extra time, when killing someone from the attacking team, it is deducted from time 0.5.
  • Base battles – Teams fight to control the bases, when capturing 2/3 bases begins to gain victory points, the first team to achieve a certain number of Victory Points wins, or when the time expires, the team with the most Victory Points wins.
  • Capture the Flag – Two teams fight for flags, the first team to report 2 the enemy's flag before his base wins.
  • Battle – Two teams fight to the death, when someone dies, one point is deducted from the team whose member died, as soon as the number of points drops to zero, the game will give more 4 last points, the first team to run out of points or, when the time expires, with the most points wins.

There are also PVE missions, they are very different, but they are all divided into ranks from D to S.
But usually the ranks of the mission does not speak for sure for the difficulty., for example for me the most problematic mission was Showdown with perfect Susanoo – “B” rank, but all this is subjective.

Answers on questions (FAQ)

Here I will answer the most basic questions., as well as questions from comments under the guidance.
So, let's begin:
1. How to get rank Such(B)? – To do this, you need to go through all the missions of the PVE mode, from D to S rank.

2. How to get rank Joonin(A)? – To do this, you need to complete all PVE missions, and after completing them, one mission will open A and S rank, after passing them, the desired rank will be obtained.

3. How to get mentors DLC? – In addition to the purchase, you can not get them anymore., after the purchase they will be with Sakura along the way: Inn > Gift box > Add-ons. This is where the long-awaited DLC mentors await you..

4. How to get the rewards indicated under the PVE mission? – You have to go through it until that moment, until after the passage the game gives Kakashi Scroll, after that you need to evaluate it from TenTen and get a beloved object.

5. How to get the Kakashi mask? – To do this, you need to buy the mentor DLC Kakashi (Double Sharingan) and pump it, after that, by talking with Sasuke, you can get a new form of Konoha with a mask included in her set, and the 6th Hokage's cloak also with a mask.

6. How to set your eyes(Sharingan, Rinengan, etc.)? – At the moment, they only exist in the form of techniques from some mentors..

7. How to get emotion Chidori? – To do this, you need to buy Season Pass 3.

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