NARUTO TO BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER: A beginner's guide and error analysis

The guide is aimed at helping and teaching newcomers to the game and analyzing their mistakes.



Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, This is a game 4 vs 4 players for the heroes of the world of anime and manga Naruto or created characters of the players. This guide focuses on online game modes and player errors in those modes.. There is no VR mission help in this guide, a set of abilities and equipment and other, what is associated with single player mode or with the creation and customization of your character, which is called an avatar in the game. But abilities are still involved in leadership..

About Multiplayer Modes.

Exists 4 modes in a multiplayer game, 2 of which are available in the world tournament, 4 on a quick game and a game for beginners. In the game for beginners, the player gets double experience, but it is only available until 30 player account level. It is important in each of the modes to be a team, if against 2 players will be in total 1 then he will most likely lose, if he does not have time to leave or is not a character of the protection class. About classes later, also by character I mean both player-created and heroes of the world of Naruto.


Barrier fights. there is 2 commands, one should not let the enemy team of Gamakichi win (This is a toad from Mount Myabokuzan, who is Naruto's partner in the anime and manga), and the other should activate 2 stone, to unblock the barrier, protecting Gamakichi and then attacking him. There is a time limit in the mode, the time is extended after dealing half of Gamakichi's damage from his full health, after which he moves to another point on the map. The time limit applies only to the team, who must defeat Gamakichi, if time runs out she will lose. Available in quick play and beginner game.

Base battles. there is 2 commands, who should capture up 3 bases and keep them under your control until you win. If some team controls 2 base then progress in victory will go with them, if the team controls 3 base then progress will be faster. It is important in this mode to disperse on time and take as many bases under your control. Available in quick play, game for beginners and world tournament.

Flag battles. there is 2 teams and each of them has 2 flag, the goal of the players is to steal from the enemy team 2 flags and bring them to your base. The flags are on the players' bases. It is important in this mode to protect the flag carrier, as it starts to move slowly, if it comes with a flag. Available in quick play and beginner game.

Battles. there is 2 commands, players must defeat enemy characters, to win. As soon as they drop the track (number of defeated heroes required) the enemy team to zero will need to be defeated yet 4 characters and then the team will win. It is important in this mode to be constantly in the team and not to climb alone on the team from 3-4 characters, if you do not have an ultimate ability or you are not sure, what will you win. Available in quick play, game for beginners and world tournament.

About characters, abilities and equipment.

In general about the characters, abilities and equipment:
The character has 2 normal abilities and ultimate, which is not immediately available, but accumulates after completing the role feature.
Also, the character has a substitution or substitutions for each in different ways., they are needed for, so that when you are damaged you can get away from the attack.
There are also kunai for low damage from afar and healing seals to restore health (about the equipment of the characters, which players can create, I will not speak, but the equipment for each role has its own).
There is also a kunai on the line, chakra charged jump and block. Fishing line kunai pulls your character against the wall, jumping with charged chakra allows you to jump further, and the block does not allow to inflict damage on you, but remember, that blocks can be pierced by right-clicking the healer and various abilities.

Exists 4 roles are unique in their own way and with their abilities and equipment, also with the difficulty level of the game for them. IN 3 roles have a special ability on the right mouse button.

Attack. They specialize in dealing damage and on the right mouse button, they prevent the use of substitution. Ultimate ability charges if you prevent right-click swaps.

Healers. They specialize in supporting the team and with the right mouse button they punch blocks with one hit. Ultimate charges if you right-click.

Protection. They specialize in fighting a lot of enemies and protecting allies, they don't have the right-click feature, but they have more health. Ultimate ability charges if you just fight.

Long-range attack. They specialize in long-range combat, right click they throw kunai. Ultimate charges if you throw kunai at enemies with right-click hits.

Also, each role can be subdivided into sub-roles, that is, there are abilities and heroes of the world of Naruto, who are defense role abilities or are defense heroes, but have a bias in dealing damage, not in defense. Each role can be distinguished from sub-roles.. To independently determine the sub-role, you need to consider the abilities and ultimate ability of the character, then determine her specialty, which corresponds to its main role. for example, Jiraiya hero of the world Naruto role protector, his second ability is lion's mane, which he covers himself thus protects, the first ability acts on a long distance, therefore it is a ranged attack ability. His ultimate ability is “Falling home”, a huge toad named Gamakiri falls on enemies and deals great damage, so it is the ability of the role of the attack. What comes out of this, that jiraiya character protection role, but with a bias of dealing damage of melee and ranged type.

About training, character discovery, abilities and other, and their choice.

To unlock characters and abilities to create your characters, you need to choose a mentor from Sasuke Uchiha, which stands by the library of ninjutsu. He show up there, as soon as you complete your training with Jоуnin Konohamaru Sarutobi. The training itself begins with the first entry into the game. Also important, that you can skip VR missions, which are needed for training, given by Kakashi Hatake.
After choosing a mentor, you just need to play in different modes, after each game you will be credited with the experience of pumping a mentor, when you upgrade it to the next level, you need to come to Sasuke Uchiha, press Enter and then the level of the mentor will be pumped and you will get, or himself, either ability, or something else for learning from him.
Some mentors cannot be selected immediately., for this you need to complete missions of the characters of the world of Naruto above which there are exclamation marks by which you can find them. To select the hero of the world of Naruto or your created character, you need to press F while preparing for the start of the mode in which you play. To play for mentors from the Season Pass, you need to pump them to 1 level, to play as mentors from the base game, you just need to open them. To select abilities and other things, you need to go to Sakura Uchiha at the Inn and press Enter, after which you can choose equipment there, abilities and appearance of your character.

Combo attacks, use of equipment: kunai blocks, jumping.

It is possible to carry out combo attacks in the game, which are better than normal strikes, combo consists of several hits with a low time delay. To carry out a combo, you need to attack the enemy and hit him with alternate left and right clicks in different variations. for example, two left-click and one right or one right-click. For a continuous combo, you need to alternate the left and right mouse buttons, when you attack with a combo attack and the enemy has no substitution or you do not let him use it, playing as an attack class, you are guaranteed to deal a lot of damage, unless other enemies or allies interfere with you.

Blocks are needed to protect against enemy attacks, but after a certain amount of blow it will be punched, either the healer will right-click it or the ability. Also, during the block, you can make short movements. – evasion, for evading any jutsu. The block should be tried to be used when you are hit by a combo attack or when you can use it in advance to repel an attack or dodge a jutsu, but it is better to dodge the jutsu by moving quickly, kunay on a pole and jumping.

Jumping. A regular jump is needed for a small, but fast travel short distances, eg, from wall to wall or you can try to jump away from the enemy's attack, when his combo is interrupted. Charged jumps are needed for long distance travel., but they take a long time to charge, therefore they need to be applied at the beginning of the game for fast movement, when are preparations for the game still in progress, or to get away from the enemy in advance.

Hazelnut kunai and kunai. Kunai is needed for low damage, but at the same time slowing down the enemy, since this way you attack him and his character slow down, also, such kunai can be used during defense to evade the enemy. Kunai on the blade are needed to, to stand on any surface, when you were pushed off her, but remember, it happens sometimes, that you yourself will rise to the surface when you fall and if you use kunai on the line, and this is a jump charged with chakra in one button, then you will jump from this surface.

Newbie mistakes.

Common mistakes beginners make when choosing a character, games for him, creating your own character with a different set of abilities and in general while playing online.

About mistakes in creation, choosing and playing for characters:

The first, it is the creation or selection of a character for a certain role and playing as a different role. for example, if you create a defense character or take a defense role character and stand behind allies, throwing kunai you are doing wrong. Defenders have a lot of health, therefore, they should be in the center of the battle and only in case of low health or evasion from the enemy, retreat behind the backs of allies or run away from the battlefield.

Second – incorrect selection of skills. It's important to choose the right skills, rather than typing random. If we consider the heroes of the world of Naruto, then their abilities may be under-role, but they are balanced. And if you create your character and gain different under-role abilities, then perhaps they will not be balanced, therefore, before choosing abilities, you need to think about their combination and effectiveness together, but sometimes even the under-role abilities of different roles can be collapsible and effective.

Third – complexity of characters. There are skills and heroes of the world of Naruto, which are more difficult to play than others, eg, attacking heroes have little defense and an inexperienced player can quickly be knocked out. And if you take Mitsuki's hero, then although he is a defense, but his subroll is an attack and, if the player wants to play attack, but he gets knocked out quickly he can pick him, although he is a protection. For a further example, let's take Payne's hero, his abilities, it is attraction and repulsion and for some players, it can be difficult, as 2 abilities can be used incorrectly.

Errors in online mode:

The first – Single player game. A game designed for the game 4 on 4 player, but some players try to fight or do something alone. There are several combinations of abilities and equipment or heroes of the Naruto world for solo play, but mostly against 2 enemy players, if such a character is opposed 3 enemies then he will lose.

Second – the place where you need to be and do something. All modes require the player to be in a certain place and do something to win.
In flag battles, it is the protection of the flag carrier and the timely capture of the flag, when opponents are somewhere far away or you are protected.
In barrier fights, you need 1-3 character to distract enemies, but 1-2 activate stones to open the Gamakichi barrier and then focus on attacking it, sometimes you need to attack enemies with an open barrier, but better focus on attacking Gamakichi.
In battles, you need to constantly be together, if you walk alone you will be knocked out, possibly destruction 1-4 enemies in this mode, but for this you need the ultimate ability.
In battles for bases, it is important to capture the enemy base in a timely manner, which the enemy left, no need to be on the same base with the whole team, you need to scatter and try to capture as many bases as possible, if you managed to capture a larger number of bases, then you can start to defend them, that is, in a timely manner to attack enemies on these bases.

Difficulty entering the game.

Some may have a problem entering the game, when the game is already running, but it is not running. In fact, the game is started as a process and may not turn off when you exit it, so to close it you need to open the task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc или Ctrl+Alt+Delete (some Del) and select the task manager there), after opening you need to go to the tab “Processes” and find the process there “NARUTO-Win64-Shipping.exe”, then click on it and click on the button to complete the process, either right-click on it and click the option there “End the process”. After which you must wait a few seconds and then you can enter the game again.

New sections of the manual.

In the future, it is possible to supplement the manual and, most likely, about VR missions and about the character created by the player. – avatar.
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