Elite Dangerous: The Odyssey settlements and everything connected with them

Settlement Guide, added to the Odyssey, extinguishing fires, theft, stealth, breaking into, instruments, necessary equipment


Highlights, equipment, instruments, ship


Greetings, commander. This guide describes the basic methods of interacting with settlements and how they work.
Some points in the manual are inaccurate and possibly erroneous., also some things i haven't tested yet. If you have any comments and additions, write in the comments, preferably with proofs.
Settlements are divided(me!) on 4 type:

  • Abandoned(one way or another) and without electricity.
    Of all the dangers, only the risk of falling asleep, standing on fire and pumped marauders with the power of good (7-10 for one).
  • Active with residents, included defense and other.
    There are drones to be wary of., the inhabitants of the settlement and defensive turrets.
  • War zones.
    You can choose a side and fight, no loot.
  • Others are not interesting

Before collecting, I advise you to pump your inner hamster..
You need to drag everything. After u bartender can be exchanged.
Exchange at bartender it happens like this: select the desired product and click on the button below, then overload unnecessary material to the bartender, in the window on the right, how much of the selected material will be given to you.

Of the interesting:

  • Yellow boxes.
    You can see the password through your best friend(in the future it will be visible when you hover over the digital panel of the drawer) or open with a cracker.
  • Cabinets.
    Can be opened with password or plasma cutter, or not locked.
  • Wide wardrobes.
    Similar to the usual.
  • Data terminals.
    You can just download the data, takes time.
  • Industrial sample containers. (or something like this)
    Contains the necessary pieces for the time being.. When activated, it will start a long download process and activate a local alarm.
    Once, a whole crowd rushed to the opening of such a container in an empty settlement., and some of them were guards, and part of the marauders.
Equipment, ship.

It is highly desirable to take the ship small size and with hangar for SRV.
Small size allows you to sit in almost any place and run not far from the gangway.
It's still nice to have 300 units of shield so as not to lose the strength of the ship when fleeing.

SRV needed so as not to run through the entire base with a swag to the ship, and throw off into ground transport.

Overalls for de-energized settlements exclusively Maverick, any will do for active.

Weapon taste. I took TK Eclipse and Karma P-15. Preferably either plasma(Manticore Executioner Hurts, aptly, seldom, but the main thing is that it flies slowly and does not fit well at long distances), or one kinetic and one laser.

Consumables how much fits into pockets.
Except that burglars not too needed, they are irreplaceable only when opening yellow boxes, but fits them all 2 and then you need to run to replenish stocks, plus their use is firing, the very presence in your pockets is also a great excuse to kill you.

There are only three of them:

  • Energolink
  • Plasma cutter
  • Profile Analyzer

Energolink allows to open de-energized doors. If the door won't let you in, switch mode and try again.
With an active reactor, you can charge from charging.

Plasma cutter breaks open red protective panels on doors and atmosphere generators, as well as magnetic locks on cabinets.

Profile Analyzer allows you to scan corpses and not yet corpses for rewards, in the second mode allows you to clone profiles in order to get through the doors, requiring a higher clearance level 0.

Your best friend

So, upon arrival at the settlement, the first thing to do is find a best friend.. It looks like this:
Displayed on the map. If he sleeps, cheer him up with energy link.
Terminal can show the location of employees and their level of clearance, location of containers, reactor, data ports, consoles and everything in general, what you can poke with the interaction button.
purpose missions in its menu it will be highlighted and you just have to add a mark of the desired object to your compass by pressing the spacebar. Often helps in a confusing complex,
In the dark,
will point to missing data terminals.
?photo x3-6?

Uninhabited de-energized settlement.

If you arrived to run the reactor, then first of all find out where it is visually or, if you can't see nichrome, then your best friend.

Reactor launch.

1. Find your location.
2. Get there, activating the doors with an energy link, pre-cutting the protective caps with a cutter, where is it needed.
3. Insert the power regulator into the hole, intended for him.
4. Run the reactor from the console.
Then you can loot everything you see, if you fit the SRV right to the doors, it will be more convenient to do it.

Extinguishing fires

You need to find these consoles:
and activate them. If you have difficulty finding, your best friend will come to the rescue. The outer consoles are protected by a red cover and are usually located either on the roof, or near the walls outside, near the entrance. (if there is no entrance near the console, This does not mean, that he can't be there!)

Before trying to open “Industrial sample containers” or how is it, or similar, it is recommended to turn off the alarm, otherwise, the alleged security of the complex may be pooled out of thin air(or rise from the dead) and with thoughts “who.. and who did it?!?” go look for you to the container, marauders may also join them.

Inhabited settlement

Residential facilities are getting harder, here they can break, but there is more loot in containers.
All interactions with signatures in the next section, right there general provisions.
Here you can do without Maverick'a, open panels either by cloning profiles or by a cracker.

Mission Objective Container / Terminal.

Find out the location from your best friend and get into the desired structure.

  • Can be done with shooting.
  • You can quietly copy a profile with the desired tolerance level.
  • You can open the panel and reload the airlock door with an energy link.
  • You can use a cracker.

Not yet figured out raising the alarm about seeing the consequences of an overload or burglar breach, but if they see you in the process, they will break in only this way.

Full loot.

Park closer(landing pads rarely fit, you can park much closer, and even without a fine, which work while buggy, they do not give at all, then in an empty settlement the marauders(settlement enemies) fined by 100k)
On the SRV, you drive almost point-blank to the entrance to something simple like a residential or production / research / storage facility, search through your best friend NPC with 2, and better 3 clearance level.
Hereinafter 0-3 means the level of clearance at residents and at the door.
Often 3 everyone is sitting inside buildings, requiring 2 level, stick out outside 0, 1 and rarely come out 2 from buildings with 1 clearance level.
You can follow the chain, outside we take 1, we go into the room 1, where we clone 2, go to the building 2, we are already cloning there 3.
Or faster if you're lucky to find it right away 2 outside, if the consequences of the cutter and overload or cracker on the gateways do not scorch.

Our goal first of all is to disable alarm and preferably more door authorization,
well, to the heap and general security, everything turrets.
Then you can safely start enriching.

In case the stealth is not overwhelmed yet – Closed areas(these are those, where the holographic tape covers the passage) better to leave for last, there is a high chance of detection.
The very last one to pick up power regulator.

Deactivation of the reactor

Not yet ?found out? can it be made by stealth if the alarm is turned off.
But if the guards are still alive, they will definitely look into the reactor. If they find their way there 😀

Inhabitants of the settlement

Security guards.
Live around buildings, sometimes there is in the command center in the restricted area. Once every n minutes, if you are within their radius, they will stop for scanning.
Armed with many things, jumpsuits are equipped with shields.Workers / scientists / engineers and other non-security guards.
They live mostly inside buildings.
They are armed only with pistols and have no shields. 3 fortunes:

  • Common. Guards sometimes scan the player, everyone is minding their own business.
  • Alarmed. Look for a source of local alarm or noise in a prohibited area or gunfire. When a player is found, they become hostile.
  • Hostile. Trying to kill you. Stealth no longer works.

When the player is behind the NPC, then it is not visible and not heard (exceptions not squatting in the restricted area, shots, ?blows?)
On the radar, non-writing is displayed as dots when the player does not see them, and arrows when he sees, if the player is looking towards the non-writing. and it is displayed by a dot, means he will not be able to notice illegal actions.
Being out of sight of residents, you can clone their profile.(it is advisable to do it sitting down)
Get rid of the profile it is possible through the wheel of objects -> down.
Drones are always shown with an arrow, but they are an element of decor until the alarm is raised.

Illegal actions.


  • cutter,
  • cracker,
  • power link in overload mode,
  • profile analyzer in profile clone mode
  • weapons
  • light up 2 once with it all in hand.

Being in the forbidden zone, taking assets and goods, ?data download?, shooting.
The presence of stolen goods in the backpack, goods prohibited by this faction, burglar and head bounty when scanning will trigger an alarm.

If the guards are peaceful, but you have either an illegal cargo or a wanted icon lit next to the radar, they will try to kill you after scanning.


there is general, when the alarm is not turned off, any illegal action by the player causes it. Everybody tries to kill you.
Local, it is called by the equipment with samples, which is open for a long time. All the guards come running, marauders(if there).
You can tell the difference by the sound and its location..

When the alarm is disabled, illegal actions will not aggro the entire base on you, but only those, who saw it, but attempts to eliminate the witness will call for new curious, attempts to run from an aggressive villager past the NPCs in their normal state will lead to their desire to join the hunt for you. However, in other parts of the base, everyone will be calm..
?Can? power link in overload mode neutralize the NPC silently.

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