Deep Rock Galactic: Class builds “Shooter”

This guide describes effective and not-so-effective class builds. “Shooter” in my opinion.


Perks or skills.

Perhaps I'll start with the perks.
I will show my build with which I play. (I personally like him)

Iron will speaks for itself. An absolutely useful perk on any dwarf, especially if you play as a team, then you will go through the most difficult missions.

Field Medic.
How long have I been playing deep rock, 9 of 10 cases shooter remains the last survivor.
Shield + given skill

Sweet tooth gives acceleration + now in any mission there is a lot of sugar in the location.
Yes, I agree he has a minus that it may end or not spawn, by the way with the last one(Always spawns a lot)

Ammunition Expert
You can throw stones, but I believe that loaded weapon + HP + acceleration (both from sugar and grabbing equipment = death to everything and everyone, especially with minigun build # 1
Sugar?Yes, Yes, when we take ammunition we get sugar

Minigun and its builds

Build №1. Minigun + Bulldog
My favorite, with the help of it you will destroy everything and everyone.
The tactics are as follows.
We stick to insects almost tightly, setting them on fire. Overheat, we take out the revolver.
Or keep our distance, if insects are full.
Healthy beetle? I landed a full discharge minigun on him, scared, set fire, finished off with a revolver. Damage will be tough.

Build №2. Minigun + cooling.
Shoot for a long time.

Build №3. Net Damage.
I'll clarify right away, what the module can be installed 1 of 3 (Any) For their 3. I set the hardest, for the toughest damage.

Thundercloud and builds on it

Build №1. My favorite (Mini grenade launcher)
Effective against the accumulation of enemy heaps. You just shoot a bunch and freak out. Choose between toxin charge and radius. I personally prefer toxin, since you shoot with a splash + the toxin acts (killer thing)

Build №2. Gigantic damage. + elephant bullets on “Bulldog”
This build is designed for missions such as destroying the dreadnought., plants or bosses.
(The downside is that it is not effective against the crowd).

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